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Toddler Activities in Lakeshore Area

March 2011

We have a 20 month old in a great nanny share with another 22 month old in the Crocker Highlands area of Oakland. We are wondering how we can provide the boys (and the nanny) with more socialization and activities before they go to preschool at age 3. Curious to know how frequently other parents take their toddlers to activities.

Currently, the boys go to Kindergym one day a week and sometimes to story hour at the Lakeshore library. They go to the park daily. We just got a pass to Fairyland, but its only open on Fridays. Any suggestions for any activities that are accessible without a car in the area? Any art/music classes or anything near Park Blvd in the Glenview area? We've tried Gymboree on Lakeshore. Our nanny does not drive.

Thanks in advance for any advice Crocker Highlands Mom

We have a 3 year old, who is now in preschool. Prior to starting her in preschool, our nanny (who also did not drive) used to walk her down to Lakeshore everyday. They alternated between Gymboree, the park and the library.

I really thought that our toddler got a good balance between these activities. Sometimes there is a tendency to overprogram little ones and we were cautious not to get her involved in too many activities. At 1 and 2 years old, everything is still exciting, including going to the park, for walks, the library. So, I felt that she was plenty stimulated. And it sounds like your little one is getting a lot of socialization with your nanny share and Kindergym.

Just my two cents... Best of luck! Jessica

Music/Movement/Art/Outdoor Classes for Toddler?

Feb 2011

I've been checking the archives and am looking for recent recommendations for great classes for my toddler (13 months old right now, but I'm also interested in stuff that she could do over the next year or so, as she gets older). Aside from library/storytimes, what are some classes that have really resonated for your little ones? I live in the San Leandro area, but would be willing to travel for a great class. -Seeker

There are so many fun things to do with a toddler. My son's absolute favorite class is his music class at Jon's School of Music. He's been going since he was 17 months old, he's now 22 months(Jon can certainly have younger kids) and he has loved it since the beginning. He looks forward to it every week. Jon holds classes in San Francisco and in Berkeley (which wouldn't be a stretch from San Leandro). I love the class myself. It's so fun to see how excited all the little one's get and the songs are really fun.

I also take him to a swimming class at the Downtown Berkeley YMCA . It's definitely been a great way to get him comfortable in water and to learn about splashing, blowing bubbles, and kicking in the water. It's been very fun for him.

I haven't been yet, but I've heard the gymnastics classes at Head Over Heels are fun and particularly great for kids who naturally love to climb. It's in Emeryville and they have classes for kids as young as 12 months.

Beyond that, spending time at playgrounds is great, going to museums, like the Museum of Children's Art in Oakland where they have a great children's art making studio for $8 a visit, Habitot in Berkeley, and the Bay Discovery Museum which is free the first Wednesday of every month.

I hope this helps! I've spent a lot of time looking for fun activities for my little guy. It's been good for both of us! Nina L.

My kids love John's School of Music . My oldest went from the time he was 2 until he turned 5. The middle one started when he was about 14 months and is still in it. My youngest is only 5 months, and John is always great about letting her come along. The classes involve music, dancing, playing instruments, running around, story time, and stamps at the end of class. John has classes for all ages up to about 6 or 7. Each class incorporates elements of the younger kids class, and adds elements to keep the kids entertained, and learning about music. (415)971-5435 Paul

Toddler Activities and classes

Jan 2011

I am a stay at home mom to a social and energetic 21 month old. We are in a couple of groups with moms and kids her age and we go to Gymboree a couple of times a week. She really enjoys her time at Gymboree, but we've been going there a long time so I would like to find a new somewhat structured activity for her. She loves to dance, so perhaps a dance/music class? Arts & crafts? I would like to stay away from places with a ton of toys, we can do that at home :) Any/all recommendations are greatly appreciated! anon

You might consider looking for a playgroup. I am a member of a wonderful playgroup in El Cerrito. We meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9-11. ECCP is open to kids 20 months to 5 years accompanied by their parent, grandparent, or guardian. Though not church-affiliated, we meet in the United Methodist Church cellar on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-11 AM. Our dues are minimal. If you have a younger kid, you can bring him or her along too and older siblings are welcome when school is not in session. More information at:

We really like Music Together. You might also check out the classes at Head Over Heels in Emeryville, or the toddler swim or sports classes at the Berkeley Y.

Try Kids N Dance in Oakland. They have a great Parent and Me class for 18m to 3y. It has 15 minutes of free play/tumbling then dance. You can do a trial free drop in class. anon

Activities in Berkeley with 1-year-old

Feb 2008

Just moved into Berkeley from NYC and am looking for a playgroup and/or childcare co-op/swap in the area for my one-year-old boy. (I'm at Bancroft near San Pablo.) Eager to meet parents as well as playmates for my son and appreciate any leads on parenting groups & activities in the area. Many thanks, Maria.

Welcome! We and our one year old live in the same neighborhood and spend lots of time at the Acton tot lot (between Allston and Addison). When we're up for a slightly longer walk (and a cleaner park) we head to Cedar-Rose park (Cedar and Chestnut). Our son can happily spend two hours there. We also really like the park at the very end of Bancroft where there's always a good chance that a train will go by. We've gone to Studio Grow twice although I think that'll be even better when he's more mobile. We also joined the Oakland Zoo which makes for a great ''bigger'' outing. Grandma graciously gifted us a Music Together class which was fun and nearby and my guess is that I could have formed some relationships with other parents in the class if I had wanted to. Everyone was very nice.

When my son was a few weeks old I joined a moms' support group. I did it through Support Group for Mothers which is a local institution. You can find out more about them here: I think they also have groups for parents of older kids like yours.

You obviously know about the BPN. The ''announcements'' newsletter is a great source of special fun activities to do with your son. The ''childcare'' issue is where we found our fabulous nanny share right here in the neighborhood. rachel

I'm sure you'll get this same recommendation from many other moms: I highly suggest you start hanging out in my three favorite little kid spots. When my boy was 1 I just loved taking him here. You'll see!

1) Totland Park (Virginia at McKee)

2) Studio Grow (10th and Gilman)

3) Tumble & Tea (Telegraph at 43rd)

You will find lots of other cool parents there too! Lisa in Oakland

Afternoon Mom/Toddler Classes

Nov. 2003

Yikes! My toddler gave up napping and I'm in search of a toddler class to take him to in the early afternoon. I've searched past recommendations but have found only activities to do (Habitot, Mocha, etc.). Can anyone recommend a class that might incorporate play, art, and circle time? I'm not looking for a drop-off daycare situation but hope to find a class that parents can participate in, too. Thanks!!!

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