Mommy & me after school activities for 3yo?

Hi! My daughter is in school until 3:30 and I’m searching for after school activities so she can engage with art, dance, music, movement. We are tired of the playground lol. She loves art, tumbling, dancing, singing etc - but is very shy. She will not stay for any “drop off” - I’m seeking something that will allow me to stay. So far I’ve only found a ballet class on Solano, will be trying that Monday. But it seems other places I’ve been directed to by friends are closed! Any help is much appreciated! 

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Check out

Two dance artists and educators who are leading a Monday afternoon (4-5pm) creative movement class at Finnish Hall in Berkeley. The class series already started, but they may let you join anyway. Mirah and Rodrigo are wonderful, nurturing teachers!

I take my 2 yo to Jon Merker's outdoor music classes (Jon's School of Music and we love them and have been coming back every week for about a year. He teaches basic principles of music and rhythm in a really fun and playful way, and kids in the class from 6 mos to 5 years love it. It looks like he has 4:30 pm classes.