Fun classes for under 2 years old?

I'm looking for a Saturday/Sunday morning class for my 16 month old, and am most interested in music, gymnastics/dance, or swim classes.  Most of what I'm finding online so far seems more geared toward parents who are available during the work week, but am hoping for a weekend class in the Oakland/Berkeley/Alameda areas. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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The UC Village recreation facility has a gymnastics class on Saturday mornings for children that age. I don't know if there are any more open spots for this session but in about a month or so there will be a new session starting. We go to a class during the week and my 23 month old daughter loves it.

I really enjoyed the classes at Kinetic Arts Center in West Oakland. Small and fun with great teachers. I appreciated that the class attendance is flexible - you can pay for a certain # of classes and then just show up to whichever ones you want - without losing money on unattended classes. They have the same class on Sat and Sun just at different times so you can choose what works best for you. 

They also usually have some older kid classes going on during so your child can be exposed to other types of circus/gymnastics.

Aquatech in Alameda offers Saturday/Sunday swim classes that are great for little ones. Ours has been going since she was 10 months old. Indoor heated pool, so year round classes. 

Our daughter attends UC Berkeley's Gymnastic program Saturday morning. Perhaps you should swing by and take a look. To attend the program, I think you are required to be 18 months. Our daughter absolutely loves it. Outside of gymnastics, we do a lot of family events and look for places where she can explore stepping up and down and exploring spaces/places.  I think most of the things that are available start at 3 years of age. We go to the Discovery Museum in Sausalito and Lawrence Hall of Science on a frequent basis -- but they are both remodeling this month. Hope this helps. 

Have you looked at Gymboree on Lakeshore?  We took our son there most weekends from 16 to 24 months old and we all really enjoyed it.   

I highly recommend Ruby's Tumbling in Alameda for gymnastics. My older child went there since she was almost 2 yrs old. She is 7 and still sometimes takes an older kids class, although it's mostly geared towards younger kids. I also take my 2 yr old daughter and she loves it. There are Saturday classes.