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  • Alameda AquaTech Recreation?

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    Greetings everyone, Am wondering if there are any families here who have signed up for AquaTech Recreation slots during COVID? If yes, what was your experience? Are families still somewhat squeezed together, or was adequate (6 ft) of distance maintained? Also, is anyone choosing to wear a mask in the water? AquaTech assures me that they are using some high tech systems (ventilation, filtration, UV lighting, sectioning off the pool so families can keep distance) but am still nervous as most people in the pool will be unmasked. 

    We've been at Aquatech during Covid (since they were able to re-open with changed guidelines), and have been very comfortable. I don't think wearing masks in the water is functional for kids. They wouldn't be able to breathe through a wet mask. The instructors wear face shields. According to the CDC, "when swimming pools are properly maintained, the chlorine in the water should “inactivate” coronavirus, which would prevent the virus from spreading." As with everything, though, if it's going to give you agita, it's probably not worth it.

    I did a trial recently with my three-year-old. The pool was totally packed and no one in the water was wearing masks. I think you’ll find this at all facilities, as we were told it’s unsafe to wear masks in the pool. It wasn’t a good fit for us partially because I didn’t feel comfortable safety wise. However, even if COVID wasn’t an issue it was too loud and hectic and my child wasn’t able to focus on his lesson anyways. We found an outdoor space to take lessons and it feels much more calm and safe. All that being said, we have friends that have been taking lessons at Aquatech for a long time and love it.

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RE: Baby swim lessons ()

Hi! This is just another plug for AquaTech, and to keep checking. I recently was able to get a spot for my 13month at the alameda location. It helped that we would reserve time during their open swim slots on the weekend, and I would ask their front desk staff if they knew of spots opening up in the swim classes - and worked out recently! 

RE: Baby swim lessons ()

We have our boys in Aquatech in Concord. We also noticed they were super booked, but they told us to sign up for the waitlist since things move quickly. They were right. There is enough churn such that if you got on the waitlist, you should be able to get a spot pretty quickly (within a few weeks). Good luck!

RE: Baby swim lessons ()

Hi Hannah!

We saw that the classes at Aquatech were always full as well, but I gave them a call this past weekend and they were able to sign us up for a spot open this Sunday! They have access to additional information such as drop outs and graduating infants/toddlers, so I would try giving them a call. Good luck! -Joyce 

RE: Swimming Lessons ()

Our kids go to Aquatech in Concord. It's about $25 a lesson and has been great so far. Wasn't an issue getting them in. There's a waitlist but it goes very fast.

AquaTech!  They have a method that is followed by all instructors, so it is very consistent regardless of which instructor you get.  They are very patient, friendly and have somehow engaged all 3 of my kids (7yo, 5yo, 3yo) to put their heads in.  Once we switched from Albany Aquatic Center (where they would leave swim lessons with their top half dry, no joke), I was shocked to look over during swim lessons and see my, at the time 6yo & 4yo dunking their heads under water while they waited for their turn with the instructor.  These are kids who would not even put their ears in.  Added bonus is they have a great cancellation policy (day-of before 9am) and allow for make-up classes.  Nothing worse than paying for classes that your kids miss!  People have said they have probs online with waitlists -- I just called in and had no problem getting a day/time for all 3 kids.  We live in Bkly and the drive over after school is very easy.

My son was not at all interested in learning to swim until he was 10.  At that age, group lessons were not going to work for him, so he did private lessons at Aquatech Swim in Alameda.  He is now 21 and has never become a water loving person, but he did learn to swim enough to be safe in the water and to be able to enjoy it with his friends.  His water-friendly younger sister also did private lessons there and enjoyed them.  The lessons weren’t cheap, but my son learned pretty quickly, so we didn’t end up doing them that long.  The other advantage to Aquatech for us is that it is an indoor facility, so we could go during the winter months.

RE: Fun classes for baby ()

we also loved the Baby swim classes at Aquatech in Alameda.

AquaTech in Alameda.  Private or small groups.

I highly recommend AquaTech in Alameda. We live in South Berkeley and did lessons for +2yrs at Albany HS Aquatic, which ended up being both a waste of time and money (you're right that the right instructor makes a big difference and it seemed hit or miss at Albany). My kids (ranging from 2yrs-5yrs at the time) would often finish lessons with the top half of their bodies completely dry... after a swim class?! After the +2yrs, although my kids loved going swimming, they didn't enjoy lessons nor putting their faces or heads in the water. We've been at AquaTech for less than 6 months and my now 6yo is full on swimming with his face in the water and my 4yo is dunking her head and learning proper swim form and technique. And they actually look forward to lessons now! Don't go off of the online schedule - you need to call in. Many times, my kids are the only ones in class with their instructor so it's like a private lesson for the cost of a group. Can't recommend AquaTech enough!!

We've had wonderful experiences every class. The lessons themselves are effective, the instructors we've had have been truly engaged and kind, and the admin staff has been informative and efficient and very sweet. Love Aquatech Alameda!

RE: Non-chlorinated Pool? ()

Aquatech a great place, I've been to the one in Alameda but there's also a location in Concord. They have classes for babies and children, I'm not sure about adults:

RE: Toddler swimming in Berkeley? ()

Aquatech is the closest to petit baleen in terms of structure. 

Aquatech in Alameda offers Saturday/Sunday swim classes that are great for little ones. Ours has been going since she was 10 months old. Indoor heated pool, so year round classes. 

RE: Toddler swimming in Berkeley? ()

We've done a number of swim classes in the area and it depends what you are looking for, your child's experience level, timing and price. I can't say that I'm familiar with the classes at La Petite Baleen so that would make my response less useful but I can tell you about our recent experience with our 4-year old. 

We got a groupon for Aquatech and liked the intro class. It was just 2 kids per adult and the facility is clean and the instructors are all good. We wanted classes on the weekend and it was great but we saw that it would be a long time before our child felt comfortable in the water. We could have continued but the cost was too high for us without the groupon.

Over the summer, we had a great class at Roberts Pool in the Oakland hills and it was in the evenings M-Thurs for two weeks. It was great because he was able to really make progress each day as opposed to waiting for each Saturday and taking a step back.

Currently, we are taking a class in Emeryville and it has less instruction. It is a parent/child class (the others were with just the toddler in the pool) and it is definitely focuses on singing and free play. It's great for the parents to interact with the kids in the pool but again, real swimming seems a long way off. 

Aquatech in Alameda has once a week classes. That's what we do. Terrific place, great staff. You might have to be on a wait list for a while if you have preferred times and days. 

Aquatech in Alameda runs swimming lessons M-F. They have a lot of time slots from morning to late in the evening. We have been going there for almost 3 years and our daughter has learned a lot. The facility is clean and the teachers are great. You can choose to go there once a week and you are also to do makeups if you cancel on time. 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

June 2010

Re: Swim lessons for 16 y.o. almost-beginner
You might try Aquatech Swim School in Alameda. They do private lessons and are great with beginning swimmers. My son took private lessons with them for a year and they gave him the same instructor every week so that he had consistency. They offer group lessons as well, but those are primarily for little kids. Your son would probably be more comfortable in a private lesson. good luck!

Jan 2010

Re: Swim lessons for 4 year old
Aquatech at Mariner's Square in Alameda is great. Our 4yo went from afraid to be in the pool to swimming in less than a year! My older daughter has become a much stronger swimmer which was very reassuring during our trip to Hawaii. The classes are 30 min with 1-4 kids to a teacher. They have multiple levels and the kids get ribbons as they advance from starfish to Orca. It is just on the otherside of the Webster tube. swimmer's mom

Sept 2009

Re: Swimming program for 5 month old
Aquatech at the Mariner Square gym in Alameda, CA has an *excellent* baby and parent swimming class. Aquatech Swim School 2227 Mariner Square Loop Alameda, CA 94501-1021 (510) 337-0200 swimming mama

March 2009

Re: Alameda swim lessons?
If you are referring to Aquatech in Alameda, that is an excellent place for swimming lessons. Our daughter took lessons there for a year, and the value for our money was excellent. The classes are really small -- 4 at the most per instructor. This was far superior to a swim class we took in another city where there were so many kids per instructor that we felt our daughter didn't progress at all (and, in fact, almost drowned at one point because the instructor was not paying attention). The woman who runs Aquatech is terrific -- great with children and very personable. anon
[editor note: Harbor Bay Club does not appear to be the same as Aquatech, although they are both in Alameda]

August 2008

Re: After-school swim lessons for 6-year-old
AquaTech Swim School in Alameda has a great program. They are very organized and offer high quality instruction. They are also indoor and year round. We have our 3 kids in the program 5, 7, 10 are their ages, and they love it! The website is if you want to check it out. swim mom

August 2008

Re: Class for 2.5 year old that focuses on swim skills
Try Aquatech swim school in Alameda. They've taught my 2 1/2 year old to swim! They have goggles and wetsuits for the toddlers to borrow for free. The classes are a bit pricey, but totally worth it in my opinion. Olympic Swimming, Here We Come!

May 2008

Re: Solo swim class for 4.5-year old?
Well, it's not in Berkeley or Albany, but we drive down to Aquatech Swim school in Alameda. I needed lessons for my son that I didn't need to get in the water for, and they have them. They are great and I highly recommend them. Mama of a Solo Swimmer

May 2008

Re: Swim lessons for 5-y-o with selective mutism
My children have been taking private lessons at AquaTech Swim School in Alameda since the beginning of March and they both love it. Recently, a boy with autism has started lessons at the same time we are there and I've been very impressed with the way the teacher (Adrienne) interacts with him and his progress. Family members have gotten in the pool with him, so I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem. I would definitely contact them to discuss your grandson's situation. It's quite possible they could arrange lessons with a different teacher for your granddaughters at the same time. Here's the contact information: Phone number is: (510) 337-0200 Happy Swim Mom

May 2008

Re: Swim classes for 14-y-o who hasn't learned to swim
My son (age 10) was, until recently, also a non-swimmer. We also wanted private lessons for him, as he was older than most beginning swimmers and wouldn't have been comfortable in a group. We found Aquatech Swim School in Alameda (just through the Webster tube, only 20 minutes from our house in South Berkeley) and have been thoroughly delighted. My son started lessons in March and is now comfortable in the water and can swim at a very basic level. The teachers are kind and willing to let the kids progress at their own speed, but at the same time are very encouraging. I wholeheartedly recommend their program. Their website is and their phone number is 337-0200. Mom of New Swimmer

April 2008

Re: Infant-parent swim class
AquaTech has infant and toddler class in Alameda. Their staff is great and the classes really teach you tools on introducing your child to water and help them learn the basics. So fun at this age! You can check them out at SwimMom

I am taking my 3 year old to Aqua Tech in Alameda. They have classes at the Mariner's Square Athletic Club. He started in the lowest level class which is parent participation and now is on his own. The class sizes are really small (for us no more than 4 pairs and now he is all by himself) and teachers seem to know how to deal with kids well. The pool isn't the warmest I've been in, but it's indoors and they have a nice family changing area. Classes start at 6 months. Happy Swimming!

Aquatech in Alameda (in the indoor pool at Mariner Square athletic club) has excellent classes for babies on up! The pool is pretty warm, plus if a warmbelly wetsuit (buy it there) you babe will be better then in just a regular suit. I highly recommend Aquatech swim school. happy mom of fish

Jan 2008

Re: Swim class for mom and 6-month-old
There are great parent tot class at AquaTech Swim School in Alameda. Very professional instruction, flexibility and fun! You can check them out at Enjoy! Anon

Jan 2008

I would like to sign up for some sort of swim/water class for my 3 1/2 year old and my 19 month old. Does anyone have any experience with Aquatech Swim School in Alameda? Jennifer

My daughter (now 7 years old) took lessons at Aquatech for a few months in the summer/fall of 2007. We are taking a break because of our hectic schedule and because it's hard to get excited about swimming in the winter but I highly recommend them. Adrienne, the director, is wonderful. She is extremely organized, promptly returning phonecalls and answering emails. She and the teachers really care about and pay attention to your child's progress. My daughter liked some of the teachers better than others, but I appreciated that they are all on the same page and are following a program (and their method really seems to work, e.g. for teaching kids to breath on the side). I do think the pool is a little cold, you may want purchase a wetsuit from Aquatech or get one on your own. Also, the class ''schedule'' can be a little confusing, but if you are a little bit flexible so are they. Steph

My children, age 3.5 and 6 attend lessons at Aquatech and are doing very well learning to swim. I think they are very professional and have a good method. Your 19 mo. old is probably too young to get much out of it, other than comfort in the water, but your 3.5 yr old will probably enjoy it. The class size is very small so they get a lot of 1 on 1 attention. I am very happy with the program. sk

I can't say enough good things about Aquatech Swim School! The teachers and directors are warm and friendly people who love kids and love getting them excited about swimming. Classes are small, with usually 3 kids per class, with one teacher. My younger son started in the Tadpole class (requires a parent in the pool) at age 2.5 and loved it, the teacher made it fun with songs, small toys and different activities that engaged the kids and got them used to the water while having lots of fun. Now both my kids (ages 5 and 3) are in the Seahorse class together (kids only) and are actually swimming and they don't seem to even know it, it has been such a fun and engaging process. Overall I couldn't be more pleased that we've found this program! I thank them for making our kids first experience with swimming so positive. sl

My 2 and 5 year old have been attending AquaTech since Sept after going to Piedmont Swim Club every summer for lesssons. We are SO PLEASED with aquatech, there is no comparison in terms of instructor experience, skill and curriculum. My five year old son has quickly learned to swim on his stomach and back and understands the need for proper form and a consistant approach. While the Piedmont Classes were fine, there is lots of game playing, instructor turn over, and little consistancy in terms of approach. As a result, my children became very comfortable in the water but could not swim. Aquatech will teach a child how to fall into the pool and swim back to the side, how to climb out of the pool on their own, how to roll over on their back and float..... all key survival skills. The teachers are women with great experience and skill, not high school students looking for summer jobs, etc. This is a serious swim school that creates real swimmers. happy aquatech mom

My 4 1/2 year has been in swimming lessons at Aquatech for about 4 months. We started there because it is an indoor pool and we wanted her to swim year-round. I would encourage you to check it out in person before you sign up. Parents are not allowed in the actual pool area but there is an upstairs observation area where you can look through a glass window and watch your child. The Aquatech coordinator and the instructors seem really organized and are friendly and encouraging to the children. I have heard that the pool is not especially warm, so a lot of the kids wear wetsuits. I think your older child can swim alone with the instructor, but you would need to do a Parent/Tot class (i.e., you would also need to be in the pool) with your younger child. Good luck! an Aquatech mom

We took our (at the time) 18 month old to Aquatech about 6 months ago. They have have a very structured program and very knowledgeable, friendly instructors. This more structured approach seem excellent for the ''older'' kid programs. But, if you are like us, we just wanted some time to splash around with our baby with a couple of light pointers every now and then. When our son gets a bit older (say around 7-8) we would definitely bring him back. Dave

My son has been taking swimming classes with aquatech swim school from the first time they opened up. They took over another program that was in place (my son was also on that one) and I can not praise them enough. They are very good with the kids, and the instructors are excellent. I highly recommend it. If you have any questions, you can contact me directly. Sil (happy momma of an Orca swimmer)