Swim instructor for motivated 4 year old

Our four year old daughter is motivated to learn to swim. We have her in group lessons right now in Albany, which she is enthusiastically enjoying, but we feel she may benefit from some one-on-one instruction to get her from kicking and splashing around to swimming independently. Of course, the instructor makes all the difference, so we wanted to see if anyone had a particular instructor they recommend. It could be a particular instructor with any of the programs in the area (city of El Cerrito, Albany, Berkeley YMCA, Canyon Swim School), or someone who teaches independently. We may be willing to drive for the right person, but were hoping to find someone in El Cerrito, Albany, Berkeley, or El Sobrante. 

Thank you!

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I highly recommend AquaTech in Alameda. We live in South Berkeley and did lessons for +2yrs at Albany HS Aquatic, which ended up being both a waste of time and money (you're right that the right instructor makes a big difference and it seemed hit or miss at Albany). My kids (ranging from 2yrs-5yrs at the time) would often finish lessons with the top half of their bodies completely dry... after a swim class?! After the +2yrs, although my kids loved going swimming, they didn't enjoy lessons nor putting their faces or heads in the water. We've been at AquaTech for less than 6 months and my now 6yo is full on swimming with his face in the water and my 4yo is dunking her head and learning proper swim form and technique. And they actually look forward to lessons now! Don't go off of the online schedule - you need to call in. Many times, my kids are the only ones in class with their instructor so it's like a private lesson for the cost of a group. Can't recommend AquaTech enough!!