Alameda AquaTech Recreation?

Greetings everyone, Am wondering if there are any families here who have signed up for AquaTech Recreation slots during COVID? If yes, what was your experience? Are families still somewhat squeezed together, or was adequate (6 ft) of distance maintained? Also, is anyone choosing to wear a mask in the water? AquaTech assures me that they are using some high tech systems (ventilation, filtration, UV lighting, sectioning off the pool so families can keep distance) but am still nervous as most people in the pool will be unmasked. 

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We've been at Aquatech during Covid (since they were able to re-open with changed guidelines), and have been very comfortable. I don't think wearing masks in the water is functional for kids. They wouldn't be able to breathe through a wet mask. The instructors wear face shields. According to the CDC, "when swimming pools are properly maintained, the chlorine in the water should “inactivate” coronavirus, which would prevent the virus from spreading." As with everything, though, if it's going to give you agita, it's probably not worth it.

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I did a trial recently with my three-year-old. The pool was totally packed and no one in the water was wearing masks. I think you’ll find this at all facilities, as we were told it’s unsafe to wear masks in the pool. It wasn’t a good fit for us partially because I didn’t feel comfortable safety wise. However, even if COVID wasn’t an issue it was too loud and hectic and my child wasn’t able to focus on his lesson anyways. We found an outdoor space to take lessons and it feels much more calm and safe. All that being said, we have friends that have been taking lessons at Aquatech for a long time and love it.