Affordable infant swim classes?

Hey BPN! Wondering if anyone has suggestions for infant swim classes/lessons, or even just a drop in option for families at an East bay pool? Ohana aquatics in Oakland was recommended to us but when I looked it up I was a bit shocked at the cost - $129 for a 30 minute group lesson (or is that just the going rate around here?). Wondering if there are other options y’all know about? Thanks!

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The city pool classes are much more affordable, but many of them only do classes in the summer. Last year we took swim classes at the Emeryville pool for something like $60 for the six sessions. That said, the teachers may not be as highly trained as the private swim schools.

I think that might be per month... we did swim lessons at Ohana and your quote seemed off, so I went to their website and it says group lessons are currently $33/class. We were basically happy with the classes there... but nothing spectacular. Both of my boys had their teachers leave after a couple months, and there was not a replacement teacher, so their classes were abruptly cancelled. Perhaps beware of teacher turnover. Our best experience with swim lessons was at Sherman Swim School in Lafayette. 

Jeff Daitsman does private lessons and is very affordable. He'll help find a pool that works for both of you. He worked with our kids and he's very patient and kind.

Check out Albany Aquatic Center and Aquatech in Alameda. I believe they both have classes for much cheaper than that (plus free family swim hours if you want to just go on your own time).

The Oakland YMCA had incredibly affordable options when we lived there pre-pandemic. We've been going to Aquatech, after doing a bunch of research (and getting over my shock at how much they charge) I found Aquatech to be the best value near us - they have a location in Alameda. 

We did a swim class through Oakland Parks and Rec at Lions Pool in Dimond Park (and there are other locations). It was $25 for residents and $30 for non-residents for 4 hour-long classes, I believe. It was mostly about getting babies comfortable in the water and was super fun! I highly recommend it.
Feel free to message me if you have questions!

There’s no way it costs that much, don’t worry! I think their group lessons are $33 each, perhaps that is for a package?

I did infant lessons with my first child. While he enjoyed them, I don’t feel like he actually got much out of them. With my second I am getting him used to the water by occasionally taking him to the pool myself and doing a lot of bath time play. When he is three I will start sending him to real lessons- so don’t feel too much pressure yet if you’re worried about the cost!

I started infant swim mid pandemic and had a hard time finding affordable lessons. I ended up at Patti’s Swim in Castro Valley (I live in Oakland). There are also lessons through Oakland Parks Dept but that isn’t year round. My daughter is now in individual lessons (she’s 3) and I love the school so much that I don’t mind the commute. My colleague did infant classes at AquaTech in Alameda. 

Hi There, 

I took my little one to Ohana Aquatics every week (30 min class) for a year straight and it was about $150-160/month for 4-5 classes. Ohana is very strict with their auto billing and no makeup policy so we ended up paying for many classes we never attended. I suggest to also look into YMCA and Aquatech. 

Good Luck! 

I don’t know if they started again - but I recommend the Y!

Infants don't need classes/lessons, they just need fun time in the water being held by someone they trust. This will get them ready for actual lessons when they are around 3.5-4 years old. The El Cerrito pool (outdoors) will have family time starting in the spring. The Richmond Plunge (indoors) has family swim times and parent-tot classes at very reasonable prices.

We haven’t personally done this yet, but are strongly considering it. Albany aquatic center has 4 weeks of infant classes for a total $90 (resident)/$105 (non resident). 

The Plunge in Point Richmond is $36 for about 6 sessions! Little Splashers parent-tot class. Registration just opened jan 9:

i went with my near 3 year old last year but I think it was better suited for younger babies. My kid at that age had zero interest in doing was the instructor told her to do re:going up and down the ladder, kicking her legs out etc. 

When my kid was an infant (1.5 years) we enjoyed classes at Aquatech in Alameda. $115 for 4 lessons, but pretty darn hard to get a spot. Call them to get the details on best sign-up times. 

The East Bay YMCA has swim classes as well but not for infants—3 and up only. 

I don't know about Ohana aquatics but I'm not sure where you saw that $129 price quote. Their website says $33 for a 30 minute group class.

We have been going to the "baby and me" swim lesson at Ohana and it is $33/class not $129. They charge monthly so maybe you were looking at the cost for the whole month? It's a fun, casual class!