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Diamon Rec Ctr for 6 year old?

May 2012

I am just starting to research summer camps for the 1st time. My daughter is 6 years old and very physically active, energetic, and won't sit still for long periods. I have heard pretty good things about the Dimond Rec center and Montclair rec center programs. They are very affordable and convenient for me as a single parent. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with these programs either positive or negative. Specifically, what is the quality of the camp counselors? Do you think they have any training and are they fairly responsible? The Dimond rec center has the option of signing up simultaneously for swim lessons, which is very attractive. Has anyone done this? Finally, beyond these 2 programs, does anyone else have recommendations for camps that allow for a lot of outdoor time, some structured activities, but a lot of unstructured time as well. Price is not a huge consideration since I only have to cover a few weeks at the end of the summer this year. I do need a program that is either all day or offers an aftercare option. Thank you for any guidance!

My two grand daughters were at Dimond last summer for two weeks, and I am sorry to say that I cannot recommend it. They were 5 and 6 at the time. The camp supervisors often didn't know where they were when I came to pick them up. We never dared to let them go on the weekly field trips as we had very little confidence that the counselors could ensure their safety, so we just kept them home those days. Another problem is that backpacks and snack bags were literally thrown on the floor or in a barrel and their items were constantly missing. When I was there searching for my grandchildren one day, I witnessed kids physically fighting, and the adults standing nearby were doing nothing. It's really too bad this camp didn't suit us, as the setting is so beautiful and as you say they have a nice pool there, however pool time was a real free for all. I am not at all a fuss budget, if I was I would have taken them out of there after the first day, so you can take my review without a grain of salt. I can't recommend this camp for a kid your daughters age. Moving on to a safer camp this year

Curous about Dimond Rec for spring break

Jan 2011

Our kindergartner usually attends YMCA day camp on breaks but we're curious about the Oakland Parks & Rec. day camp held at Dimond Park -- specifically, for the spring break. Can you share your experiences with that camp, or any other Oakland Parks & Rec day camps? Lisa in Oakland

I think you should go for it. We've been to lots of programs at Dimond Rec Center, after school program, summer camp, sports classes. Plusses: long flexible hours, hot food cooked on site, awesome park, cool director, some great counselors, swimming in summer, nice community, good price. Minuses: Some rough kids, some immature counselors who don't handle situations with kids well and use rough language with them.

A spring break camp is a perfect amount of time to try it out and see what you think. We now go to programs at Dimond occasionally, but not for year-long after school or all summer because my child does not want to be there that long.

We have tried many other Oakland Parks and Rec camps and the atmosphere at each is different. My child really liked Sheffield Village-- very small group of kids and very relaxed, in a cozy little park. anon