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SingJam is an immersive music experience. Our goal is for you to be part of the music.

At our events we sing together, dance, play percussion, and play guitars and ukuleles. Participants are also welcome to bring and play whatever other instruments they like. Visit our website to view our song list and playlists to get a sense of the music we play.

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They offer drop in music time and send weekly emails with locations in various parks and times.  Pay as you can.  It's super fun and interactive.

RE: Activities for 1.5 year old ()

I’ve been taking my 1.5 to Sing Jam’s outdoor music sessions. The sessions are drop-in, held in playgrounds in Berkeley/Oakland, and have a super fun, chill vibe.

Ben and Dave are wonderful musicians and bringing my 19m old to class has honestly been one of the best things since covid started. My son is totally engaged, moves his body, and shines happiness. I go with 1-2 other family units and everyone is socially distanced. It feels super safe and WAY better than an online class. I highly recommend for all the care takers out there. It is also reasonably priced which I very much appreciate! 

I highly recommend! Live music in the park is a lot of fun - and I notice my baby watching, listening, and appreciating it in a way that he just doesn't do when we listen to recorded / online music at home.

Ben and Dave are great musicians, and I love that they throw in some music for the adults too. 

Worth every penny.