In search of toddler social activities - Covid risk averse fam

In search of toddler social activities for a very covid risk averse family. 

Our toddler is 2.5 years old. We are looking for structured (in age appropriate ways) a daycare or any indoor activities.

Our risk tolerance and mitigation efforts have been on the extreme side of caution. We JUST started going to the grocery store since March 2020. So we’re at that level of comfort right now. We are looking for activities or classes that align with a cautionary approach as much as can be controlled when getting unvaccinated kiddos together.  

Specifically, our child has an interest in dance classes in case you have any leads on some that are outdoors for her age. 

Pt. Richmond, Richmond, El Cerrito, Albany, Berkeley are the range we can manage. 

Thanks in advance for a roundup of any ideas.

Have a great day, 


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There are a bunch of outdoor toddler story time and music events listed here:

There is an outdoor dance class starting Saturday at John Muir Elementary in Berkeley. You can find out more info and sign up here:

The Berkeley Public Libraries hold outdoor story times. Epworth Church (also in Berkeley) has a play group for under 3s. 510 Families has a great compilation of toddler activities too :)

My daughter went to outdoor music classes at Live Oak Park in Berkeley.  Families sit on picnic blankets, kids dance, very fun. My daughter loved it. I would rate it very covid conscious.