Online classes for toddlers - any you've enjoyed?

We're not feeling comfortable enough to send our son to daycare yet, but we'd like to add some structure to his days. Wondering if anyone has done any toddler classes that you think are worth signing up for. Would love to hear about any type of class - music, sports, art, etc. Zoom is always challenging for this age but I'm running out of ideas, and I think our kid could use a break from his mom all the time too!

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Jon's School of Music has zoom classes, and my son (2.5) has loved them and been super engaged for the whole 30-40 minutes (not the case with other zoom things we tried). I think he's considering adding outdoor classes as well. 

We've been doing classes with Jon's School of Music, and my daughter has loved them. He's really silly and engaging with the kids, and has a storyline that keeps them paying attention (they have to watch out for Darth Flubber, who is trying to defeat them 😁). He has classes for toddlers up through young elementary school, and the classes are designed to teach the kids beginning music theory about rhythms, scales, keyboard skills (for the older kids) and playing together as a group. For the online classes you just use whatever instruments you might have lying around the house (we use a little drum and xylophone). I think he's exploring doing in-person physically distant classes soon. You can find his contact information and more info on the classes at

My kid (2.5) hates zoom. The only thing he’s willingly participated in via zoom was the parent-child dance class at Shawl-Anderson. Fun and low-key “dances” like “prance across the room” or “dance close to the computer and then far away.” 

Jon Merker's School of Music has both online Zoom classes and may soon be doing outdoor socially distanced classes. We have been doing the Zoom-based classes since the pandemic started with our toddler, and hands down, they have been our child's favorite activity the entire time. Jon has a rare talent for making the classes feel incredibly personal and keeping kids engaged, while also teaching them important core concepts in music theory. The most important aspect of the class for us is that our son *loves* his time with Jon. He loves the personal connection, and the fact that there's an adult in his life who is capable of being as silly as he wants to be. We're devoted followers of Jon's School of Music, both the in-person classes and the Zoom-based ones. I can't recommend another teacher of any topic for kids more highly.

You can contact Jon directly to enroll:

Our daughter has been taking zoom music classes through Jon Merker-- he was doing live classes out of the Totland clubhouse and we loved doing them there as well-- and he's now offering classes via zoom. My 4 year old looks forward to her weekly class and loves Jon and the music skills he has been teaching over the last few months. Jon is super engaging and silly for the kids and really pushes them to participate and have fun while learning how to count to a beat, be loud and soft, and gain confidence. We look forward to taking these classes again in person (one day soon!??!) but in the meantime we have really enjoyed them on Zoom. I believe all the info is on his site-- email him for more info too he's super responsive:

We love Jon Merker’s online music classes. Both of my kids participate and they have a great time while learning the basics of rhythm, notes and recognizing patterns in music, also team work. We highly recommend his classes. Here’s his email: jon765432 [at]

Our 3.5 year-old has been attending Jon's School of Music ( on Zoom and loving it. It helps that he'd been to a few classes IRL pre-COVID but should be good for new attendees too. Jon is loud, silly and engaging even over the computer and all the kids are totally focused on him. It's the one time we are able to leave our kid in front of a Zoom meeting and have him fully absorbed. Ability to hit a drum approximately on cue is the only requirement, though there is some musical instruction slipped in without the kids realizing. Our younger kid (1.5) has taken part too and also had fun. 

Hi, We used to take music classes with Melita, "Music with Melita" in Berkeley, and now she offers on online version with puppets and it's really sweet. I am still holding out on the screen time thing so we listen to it on a speaker as we play. You can download the series too, since our schedule didn't always align. ENJOY!

Yes!  Jon's music class is online and it's amazing.  Jon usually runs his classes out of Totland but with COVID he has moved to an online format that works very well.  I am pasting below the info for May because it was easy to find.  I am guessing it'll be the same for July.  I HIGHLY recommend!

May 4 - May 31 OnlineI'm offering 2 different kinds of classes right now, with separate fee and attendance structures: Smaller Interactive Classes for 3 - 8 year olds:  These are 35 minute small group classes in which I'm able to interact more directly with each student. You sign up for a weekly class ($25 each, so usually $100 for one month of 4 classes). I'm able to build on their musical knowledge and skill level far more so in these classes, and make things fun and meaningful with direct interaction. Every week we work on basic keyboard knowledge, technique and melodies (no keyboard necessary, but alway a good idea to get if you can), basic drum set beats and rhythms (no drum set necessary, you can use pots or a bucket or something if you don't have a drum), ear and rhythm training, musical notes and symbols, conducting, and much more. Each week of classes has a different curriculum. If you enroll in one of these classes, you can also do an extra Big Gigantic Class for free every week, at your convenience. And if you'd like you can drop in for an extra Interactive Class (if space is available) for $10. Big Gigantic Classes for 1 - 6 year olds: This Class is meant for the musical minds of 3ish to 5ish year olds, but many of my younger and older love this class as well. The curriculum is relevant to everyone, and the class is quite musically educational. There are no limits to the class size, so you're welcome to just show up and attend whenever you like. You can pay a flat fee of $100 to have access to all of the May Big Gigantic Classes (16 in May), or if you like you can drop in for $15 to any of them. Free previews are available as well.  I change things up for every Big Gigantic Class, we switch up themes and keyboard characters (D the Dog, the C Car, Eelephant the Elephant, The A-irplane, etc...) every day. Hopefully this can be a fun and informative way to spend a half hour a few times a week. Every class we do a musical follow the leader with rhythms over the 12 Bar Blues, B Bunny usually makes an appearance and gets the kids laughing and learning, there's a crazy dance move dance party, and fresh musical information, exercises and training in the form of games and fun are sprinkled throughout the class.  I hope all this is clear, please contact me if you have any questions!  Free previews are available! Contact me at jon [at] or (415)971-5435 to arrange...

You should check out Jon's School of Music (! Our son has been attending his live classes since he was 18 months and three years later, he still enjoys music class every week. Jon switched to online classes two months ago, there's a ton of options regarding age/days/time so I'm sure you'll find something that'll match your schedule and needs. Jon's so nice, you can send him an email about trying out a class, he usually responds very quickly. His classes are really fun and our son knows ton of music stuff now too (forte/piano/different instruments). Hope this helps!

Check out Jon’s School of Music. It’s been a savior during quarantine. Our 3 yo has been doing his online classes several times a week and I swear it’s engaging like nothing else we’ve tried. For a solid 40 mins! The kids love Jon. I love that it shifts the kiddo restless energy, offers learning and silliness and I can get some things done. It’s well priced. If you email him I think you can check out a class for free.

jon765432 [at]


YES!  We highly recommend Jon's School of Music!! Jon's school is normally located in the sweet building covered with a mural inside of Totland playground.  Since COVID he's moved to on-line and by far it's been the best and most successful zoom experience my boys have had. (We tried a few different on-line things, and this is the only one we have stuck with.)  Jon is totally zany in a way that is super entertaining for the littles and it really transmits well and keeps kids attention on-line. And he's developed a brilliant method for teaching music theory and instrumentation that he weaves through his classes in age appropriate ways (his classes are divided in different age groups).  He gets kids drumming, dancing, improvising...and they have a blast. After the class I've noticed my boys tend to pick up their play instruments or sit down at the piano to experiment and even pick out the simple ditties they learn in his class..I can see it's giving them a true musical foundation. 

We love music classes at Jon's school of Music:

Jon normally teaches music at the little indoor space on the totland playground, and has successfully moved his classes online. Our 3 year-old is really into them, and very engaged (she tried other zoom classes that she couldn't stick with). Our 1 year-old has been listening in and having tons of fun too, also learning the music games (at her own rhythm).

Jon is great with little kids. He's fun and silly, infinitely patient, and able to build up their knowledge of music at the exact right pace for them - slowly, with tons of repetitions of fun games. He's super creative, making up good ways to remember for example notes, rhythms, what fortissimo or accelerando means, etc. He makes them laugh and want to stay. It's also a fairly active class, with movement and participation.

I highly recommend - I wish it was in person again, but as long as we're stuck with zoom, we're really glad we have Jon's school of Music!

We LOVE Jon's Music class -- -- pre-pandemic we would go to totland and have in person classes, where kids play all kinds of instruments, learn basics of rhythm and melody, and are part of Jon's "Super friends band." Now in the pandemic, we have zoom meetings a few times a week. It's the only thing meeting online that will keep my 3yo engaged and laughing. 

Can highly recommend Jon's School of Music ( Online classes most days of the week for kids between 1.5 - 6 years old. Jon is very entertaining and keeps the kids engaged during the whole class. Our 4 year old daughter loves it! 

Jon at Jon's School of Music has managed to put together an extremely engaging version of his Big Gigantic Music Classes.  Zoom for young kids is hard, but he's figured out an approach that works.  

My 2 year old has been with Jon since she was 15 month. She always looking forward to the classes even after we transitioned to the online format. Jon works really hard to interact with every kids individually through zoom and has a keen way to keep them engaged. My daughter sings songs plays trick she learned from Jon's music class all the time.