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Look at the city Parks and Rec department and the library in Berkeley and surrounding cities.

Parks & Rec has drop-in play groups called Wee Play that are free every day. Basically it’s just a bunch of toys in a big room, but it’s a good chance to socialize. They also have a free “Baby and Me” class that’s a little more structured but has a more limited schedule. Alameda also has a wee play program that costs a few dollars. Not sure about other cities.

Libraries have storytime multiple times a week - some of the readers are more enthusiastic than others, but a lot of them are excellent and have songs as well as books. There’s also usually playtime before and after with toys and other toddlers.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Re: Rainy day birthday party
We had my daughter's 1 year birthday at Wee Play on lower Solano Ave in Albany, which was excellent! We set up the front area for adults...with food and drinks....and 9 children played happily in the play area. The adults took turns playing with the children while others ate and chatted. In fact, the party must have looked fun because folks just passing by stopped to ask what was going on and wanted to join in! Amy

Re: Infant & Preschooler in the same class? (Aug 2002)
I was just looking at the fall schedule for Wee Play (on Solano in Albany) and they have a music class meant for a parent with two children. Also, most of the info I've been reading lately on toddler music classes indicates that siblings are welcome, generally at a discount if they're within the age range for the class, or as free observers if not. Holly October 2002

Re: After Dinner Toddler Activities
Have you ever considered an indoor play center? Wee Play is located at 1228 Solano Avenue in Albany (in the same building as Sweet Potatoes and Five Little Monkeys). The cost is $5 per hour and is open until 6pm or 7pm weekdays. For more information www.wee-play.com or call 524.1318. Lori

December 2002

Re: Afternoon Mom & Toddler Classes
We go to the Friday afternoon music classes taught by Debra Bonet at Wee Play on Solano Avenue. I highly recommend music classes taught by Debra. She is amazing with children and teaches classes all over the east bay. She gives a lot of good suggestions for how to play with music with your children at home. The classes are positive, relaxed and fun. You can contact her at Wee Play or ask there for her email address. She's great. I won't go to any other music class. good luck

October 2002

Re: Afternoon activities for Toddler
Wee Play, on Solano Ave in Albany, has lots of classes and open play times in the afternoon and on the weekends. It is my 20- month old son's favorite thing to do! The schedule at Wee Play changes monthly, so go by and pick up a copy of their schedule. They are one block up from the Albany YMCA. Leslie

May 2002

Has anyone attended the classes at Wee Play (www.wee-play.com)? I am especially interested in the experiences of parents with very young babies, newborn to six months. Do young babies get anything out of the classes? - PJ

My daughter is 8-months-old and we have been attending the Tuesday Kindermusik class at Wee Play for about 6 weeks. She seems to enjoy it VERY much. She likes the singing and ''dancing'' we do, and she loves seeing, and now crawling to, the other babies. I don't think she would have gotten as much out of it during the newborn period, but there are a number of babies under 6 months who attend, and I expect the exposure to new sounds, people, etc. is fun for them. Also, I've enjoyed Terri as a teacher more than Debbie. Terri normally does the Tuesday noon class. Liz O.

I took my 4 month old son to kindermusic at Wee Play and he loved it. There was a lot of movement in that session and he loved dancing, and moving to a beat (though I am completely amusical, and so may have not been moving to THE beat). It also informed me, a new mom, of ways to interact, entertain, stimulate and relax the baby -- most of which have become increasing useful as he gets older (he is now nearly 8 months). He was by far the youngest at the time, but different ages always appeared. I highly recommend it... plus the people (the proprietors, teacher, and other parents) are also really nice and welcoming (and tolerant of my lack of musical ability) It is worth a shot, in any case, since they have drop in rates and bulk rates. Shahana

I took my daughter to Kindermusic classes at Wee Play between the time that she was 5 and 8 months. She loved the classes, the women who run Wee Play are fabulous, and Terri is a great teacher. We have tried other types of classes, and music classes elsewhere, but this was both my daughter's and my favorite, by far. Melissa T