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2010 - 2013 Recommendations

Music class for toddlers near Lake Merrit?

Dec 2012

Can anyone recommend a good music class for my 2 year old and I near Lake Merritt? (we have tried Music Together, but are looking for something else). Thanks! curious mama

Try Viola's Notes. Her classes are fantastic. She brings in music from all over the world, is a dynamic teacher and children LOVE her. She is also passionate about kids and music and it shows in her classses. My kids adore her! Stephanie

Seeking music class for 21 mos old

July 2012

I'm looking for a good music class for my 21 mos old boy who has a great sense of rhythm. We've already done several sessions with the Music Together program and enjoyed it, but have become a little bored with it. It can be quite repetitive and lacks a variety of instruments. Can anyone recommend something that's not Music Together? We live in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland. Bek

Eastbaymusictogether Check them out on yelp. Anon

Our fabulous piano/voice teacher is teaching a new baby program called Simply Music Rhapsody . She is just getting started and is offering some free trial classes in August. Kristin Fairfield , babymusicstudio [at], 510 484-6932 mwg

Have you heard of Simply Music? My kids take piano from a wonderful teacher, Kristin Fairfield, in Oakland and she is just beginning to teach baby and toddler music (not piano) classes. It sounds like just what you are looking for. She is having free preview classes coming up so this would be a great way to check it out. Good luck, Melissa

Also recommended: Jon's School of Music

Music class for 10-month old in North Berkeley?

Dec 2011

I have heard good things about Music Together, but it would be great to find a place that is closer to my home in North Berkeley. Thanks for any recommendations! Berkeley mom

East Bay Music Together offers classes at the Crowden Center for Music in the Community at 1475 Rose at Sacramento 7 days a week. We are also at Live Oak Rec. Center on Thursday and Friday mornings in addition to our other East Bay locations. Contact us at (510) 848 SING or info [at] for more information You are welcome to come in for a trial class, or top set up a demo class for your Moms' or Play group East Bay Music Together classes begin January 9. We have offered mixed age classes as well as classes for babies under 8 months and created musical communities throughout the East Bay for over 25,000 families over 15 years. Please visit our website at to find out more about about the fun in our research based, developmental award winning program. Songs, Dance, instrument play, finger games. Each family receives a CD set, Song book, Musical Growth Chart, and Parent Guide DVD describing children's musical development. Bay Area Parent Mag HALL OF FAME Family Favorite '01-'11 Best Music Cls: Oakland Mags, Parent's Press '11, Lamorinda Moms Julie

Hi! I have a 10 month old also and have been trying to find a MT alternative as well. I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own class led by my friend and former blue bear school of music teacher, essence. We live in Kensington and are looking for a total of 6 babies/toddlers for a monday at 10:30 class. Please let me know if you're interested. Wendy

There is a Music I class on Fridays at 9:30 at Gymboree Play & Music in El Cerrito Plaza. Your first class is free. If you were to enroll in the class, you'd pay the monthly fees which would give you access to the music class plus 3 open gyms. We are located in El Cerrito Plaza upstairs on the mezannine level. There is an elevator in the breezeway between Trader Joes and GNC. Take that up to the 2nd floor and come around to the right to Suite 704. This month the focus is classical music. Judy F.

Jingle Jamboree Music has a baby music class on Fridays at 2:30 pm beginning January 6, 2012. The studio is located in Albany which is not far from N. Berkeley. The class is almost full, so please take a look at my blog for open spaces: and take a look at the web site Classes are offered using the KodC!ly method which is a sequential method for learning music through 10 years of age. If you email me, I can send you more information. Free previews may be available as well. Good luck with your search and I am so glad you are looking for music opportunities for your baby. ---Jingle Jeff Jeffrey Luna-Sparks jinglejamboree [at]

I've heard great things about Jon's School of Music - for kids starting at age 1 and up to age 7. The location is in Berkeley - 1790 Shattuck at Delaware. I have friends who take their sons and they love it. Hoping to enroll my 15 month old starting in January. Have fun!

My name is Jon Merker, and I have a program called Jon's School of Music. I've been teaching music to children for 16 years, and am very lucky to have received great reviews on this site!!! I'm interested in starting a free or very cheap class for babies in the form of a parent/baby choir. I love leading groups that love to sing, and I love the babies! If we could get a group of motivated-to-sing parents, we could get together on a Monday, Thursday or Friday at around 12 or 1 at the Firehouse Art Gallery at 1790 Shattuck (at Delaware) and sing and dance up a storm. If anyone is interested in getting this going, please send me an email with the subject ''Baby Choir''. It's just an idea at this point, I'm hoping we can make it happen!

PS: I do take kids as young as months in my 1 - 2.5 year old class. They get to play drum set, keyboard, electric and acoustic guitar, upright bass, xylophone, accordion, tabla, gong, bells, flutes, and much more. You're welcome to have a free preview to see if it works for you! Mon, Thurs, Fri 9:45 classes and a Sunday 9:30 have space for a preview the first week in January if you like! Thanks much!...Jon Jon Merker jon [at]

Music or other groups for babies?

Nov 2011

I am looking for a music class or some other type of group for my 6-month old to attend with her nanny. Nothing fancy, just a chance for her to interact with other babies and a little change from the home routine. Something in the North Berkeley-Albany-El Cerrito area would be ideal. Thanks Marie

The Albany Library on Marin Ave. has Family Singalong every Wednesday afternoon at 4:30. It's free and well-attended by babies, toddlers, and their caregivers. Jenny

Gift ideas for almost 2 year old who loves music

Nov 2010

A friend of ours is turning two years old in December. He has lots of play musical instrument and loves Music Together. Any ideas for a good gift - something musical ideally. Thank you in search of a good gift

That 2 y/o might love a harmonica. They make great gifts for kids of all ages. However it is played, it sounds good - no wrong notes. And it doesn't grate on parents & others nerves the way many kid-marketed instruments can. blow that thing!

There are some great kids CDs out there now, with music that all ages can enjoy. Two big recommendations: 1) Putomayo 'Playground' series of world music. Our favorites are 'French Playground,' 'Animal Playground' and 'African Playground' but they are all great. 2) Laurie Berkner is a wonderful singer song-writer for kids -- all her CDs are great, and 1 or 2 of them have videos too. My daughter also enjoys the Wiggles (from the kids' show) and Sesame Street CDs-- once again, well-done music even parents can listen to. Music Gal

2007 - 2009 Recommendations

Toddler Drumming Classes?

Sept 2009

Can anyone recommend a music class for toddlers? I am particularly interested in African/Asian drumming as that is something we can practice at home but other instruments would be great too. My son is turning two. We've done Music Together but are interested in his playing instruments at this stage. Thank You. Kemmeo

You must check out Jon's School of Music . It is the perfect music class for a toddler who wants to play real instruments, especially drums. Jon is a fantastic drummer, and there lots of opportunities in class to play all kinds of drums and multiple drum sets. My children were students of Jon's for years, and they had so, so much fun with him and learned so much about the basics of music, including drum and keyboard skills. You can find him on the web at He teaches in Berkeley on Mondays and Thursdays. Liz O.

Our now 3 year old has been going to ''Jon's School of Music '' for a little over a year, once a week. He loves drumming. The kids are introduced and use real instruments. I know that Jon also teaches private lessons but not until kids are old enough (maybe 4 or 5). This is not only for drumming, many other instruments as well. But, he works with rhythm and the kids and parents have so much fun. Our son comes home dancing and drumming and talking about different instruments. This is Jon's website: Here is his e-mail: macks777 [at] e cohen

I would highly recommend Jon's School of Music ( if you're looking for a toddler class with lots of instruments. My son who is now four has done Jon's classes for about two years and really loved it. We tried other music classes but mainly found the music kind of insipid and there was definitely a lack of instruments besides tambourines and shakers. Jon has a trombone, cello, trumpet, keyboard, full drum set and lots of other instruments. He's quirky and kind of a kid himself which I think is why my kid has loved the class so much. Leslie

Try Jon's School of Music ( in Berkeley. Jon offers really creative music classes that draw kids in to the fun and give them hands-on experience with drums, keyboard, guitar, and more every week. My 2 year old loves it. Elizabeth

Our boys (ages 3 1/2 and 22 months) really enjoy the classes in Berkeley at Jon's School of Music and we've been doing the classes for over a year now. The kids get exposed to a variety of instruments as well as musical theory. Jon offers a class trial for new families so check it out! Carla

I highly recommend Jon's School of Music to anyone who wants to give their child a real musical opportunity. Jon is funny, inventive and his method is very smart. There is a lot of drumming. Most special is when the class forms a band. They play real instruments and the drummer, who calls the tune, is on an authentic trap set. My granddaughter, who is almost four, loves it. You can see more about Jon's School of Music on his site: Ahni

Jon's School of Music . Just finished a hilarious evening with my 4 yo daughter and 3 yo son who have been attending Jon's music classes. They were dancing around singing to his CD, playing the drums and guitar. Amazes me what bits of music theory they pick up from such a playful setting. Jon teaches from a house in Berkeley on Mondays and Thursdays. In his silly class, children get to play different instruments in the group setting in a relaxed, fun manner...with teaching going on (somewhat subconsciously) constantly. Check it out at By the way, he has 2 drum sets that the kids just LOVE to play! Jennifer

Jon's School of Music in Berkeley is really spectacular and I highly recommend it. Rather than learning one instrument, children play lots of instruments and are exposed to the principles of music as well as group dynamics. Through Jon's playful approach, children learn rhythm, harmony, melody, dynamics, tempo, and more. In addition they have the opportunity to play real instruments and experience what it's like to play a cello, trombone, guitar, drums, keyboard, violin, shakers, etc. Children sing, dance and laugh throughout the class as Jon challenges them to grow musically. Jen

Music classes for young toddler

July 2008

I've looked in the archives, and the only places I've seen that offer family/infant music classes are Music Together and Nanci's (in Piedmont). They both sound great, but they're so expensive! It averages out to $20/class!! Good grief! I can take an hour/long adult class for half that amount. I know there are materials, too, but it just seems like so much money for a 1/2 hour class (esp when we might need to miss sometimes when his nap schedule is off, for example). Does anyone know of any less expensive places to expose my young toddler to music, rhythm & movement? Resources to use at home would be helpful, but I think it would be a lot more fun for us both to be in a situation with other children. My baby is pretty social. Would appreciate suggestions. Thanks! Shoshana

Jon's School of Music is fabulous. He teaches kids age 1 to 6, and is especially good with toddlers. He is very lively/silly and uses very developmentally appropriate and creative methods for teaching the kids the basics of music, including ''playing'' (i.e., playing with) a large variety of instruments. My kids LOVE him, and I am amazed at what they have learned. Now, he is not as cheap as you may like ($18 per class), but classes last almost an hour, so it seems worth it to me. Jon teaches in Berkeley on Mondays and Thursdays. You can get more information at Liz O.

Check through your local Parks & Rec for classes that may be a good fit for you. Hayward Area Recreation & Park District and City of San Leandro offer an array of great music classes. Jean

Music-loving 2.5 year old

March 2007

Hi - my little girl (2.5y/o) loves music and singing. I'd like suggestions for where we could get together and sing with other little kids on a regular basis. Thanks!

Your music loving toddler would love Jeff @ Jingle Jamboree . My toddler and I have been going to his classes for a year now. Jeff is amazing with the kids. The class is so much fun. My daughter looks forward to it every week. His website is A new session begins the week of April 17th. Check the website for the schedule and pricing. Kate's Mom

2004 - 2006 Recommendations

Evening or Sunday Toddler Music Classes

July 2004

I am looking for a music class for my 16.5 month son that starts in the fall, when he will be 18 months old. We take him to Gymboree on Saturdays, and actually are considering Golden Bear Gymanstics in the fall instead, so that leaves us evenings or Sundays for squeezing in a music class. Evenings being a 6 pm class. Does anybody have any recommendations or suggestions? Thanks! Kelly

We just signed up for the East Bay Music Together class session for the summer (Session is July 5 - August 29), and were very happy with our free trial visit a few weeks ago. As of 7/6 they still had two classes accepting registraiton for Sunday mornings, but I don't believe they offer evening classes. Their website is and you can easily view classes by location or by schedule. - Singing on Sundays

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