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Pacific Boychoir Academy (PBA) is a GRAMMY-winning, independent choir school for boys in grades 4-8 with 7 after-school choirs for boys in PreK through high school. Founded in Oakland, California in 1998 by Artistic Director Kevin Fox, PBA serves over 175 choristers a season, has released 7 independent albums, tours domestically and internationally each year, and has garnered 3 GRAMMYs with the San Francisco Symphony. The only North American boychoir school outside of the East Coast, PBA offers unique and rigorous choral and academic programs, producing confident, engaged young men and artists. The New York Times hails PBA’s ability to perform music “far beyond the reach of most children's choirs."

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Pacific Boy Choir Day Camp?

April 2015

We are looking at the one week day camp In August for our 8 year old son who loves to sing in his school music class and also is very athletic and physically active. I don't know if they have offered this before. If so, what was your son's experience? How many bioys were there? What was the age breakdown? Did they enjoy the other activities? Any comments or words of wisdom?
Thank you
Mom of Singer

Our 7-year-old son will be attending PBA summer camp for the second year this summer, and he is already bubbling over with excitement and anticipation. It is his favorite week of the summer. The PBA staff do it right: fun, music education, a good pace and a great mix of activities. I encourage you to sign him up!

I should add that my son sings in the after-school choir during the year (Intermezzi), and if your 8-year-old boy loves to sing, you should definitely check out the after-school program. It is wonderful! Why not bring him to our Spring Serenade on Sunday, May 31? You'll get to hear all the groups, from first graders through high schoolers. He will be inspired! Call the school or check the web site for tickets. Happy Choir Mama

We attended the pacific boychoir camp last year and were very happy with the staff and experience. As I recall there were about 30 boys and they ranged in age from about 6-10. It's a rotation of day time rehearsals, music theory classes, Orff instrument play (all the percussive stuff that they can bang on!) and games, then afternoon field trips to places like nature reserves, Naval carriers, swimming, bowling, and hiking/camping in the forest. So plenty of physical activity to keep the boys moving!! They provide an expert staff and also draw on experienced high school counselors who have attended PBA camps and are in the choir. Added bonus they use their own safe busliner to drive the kids around to all the afternoon activities.

The cost of this program is very reasonable, and they do offer Financial Aid.

The campus is beautiful and safe and all just for the boys. If you are really interested I would take a look at their website because there is tons more info there that I am sure I am forgetting or missing I know we will be there again and hope to see you there too!!

Mom of many boys