Music Oriented Summer Day Camp for 10 Year Old Boy

I’m looking for a day camp for my 10 year old for next summer that focuses on music.  He plays piano but I’d prefer to find something that won’t be just more music lessons for him. Instead I'm hoping to find something that might expand his musical experience and yet be fun for him as well. We live in the East Bay but would be willing to travel to find the right program. Looking forward to hearing your recommendations. Thanks!

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Both City of Berkeley and City of El Cerrito had band summer day camps that my daughter loved, organized by middle and high school band teachers. I'm not sure if they are still around, but check the various recreation department summer camps websites. My daughter did pick up a new instrument one year, so as long as you can read music and had a good attitude, I think that would be possible to have fun learning a new instrument.

He would love the Day Camp at Pacific Boychoir Academy.

Its located off Piedmont Ave in Oakland.

Music and choir in the morning, field trips in the afternoon.

My son has been a chorister for 6 years in the afterschool program and loves it!

Check out BandWorks (Oakland - or Bird (SF - for band-oriented summer camps. I'm sure there are others out there, too. Playing in a group can be a great experience, especially if he hasn't tried it before.

Hi Spencer! My 9-year old boy has attended and loves both Musically Minded Academy and Mr. D's Music Club, both in Oakland's Rockridge neighborhood. The former typically has a musical theater theme and incorporates acting (think Michael Jackson, Coco, the music of Star Wars) and the latter will choose a theme along the lines of a particular time (80's or "peace & love"), or famous group/musician. If a child plays an instrument and wants to contribute, they'll be put to good use. But both camps offer so much more. There's not anything "lesson-like" about them. I highly recommend both organizations.

The San Francisco Early Music Society has an awesome one-week summer workshop for kids that is held at School of the Madeleine in Berkeley:

It’s all music-related fun, and I encourage you to check it out.

If your son is open to learning a string instrument, beginners are welcome at Crowden's Summer Strings camp. (Full discolsure: I teach there.) If he already plays a bit, he could be doing chamber music!