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We have found Mr. D's Music Club, which has an after school program as well as summer camps, to be really great for a non-stereotypical "drama" kid. They are very kind and great with shy kids or kids who aren't gunning for a spotlight on stages. It's not exclusively acting but it involves singing, dancing, acting, and arts. The variety is what my child likes and kids are very not serious. My goofy kid and her 2 besties who are very shy and quiet all love this camp. 

Hi Spencer! My 9-year old boy has attended and loves both Musically Minded Academy and Mr. D's Music Club, both in Oakland's Rockridge neighborhood. The former typically has a musical theater theme and incorporates acting (think Michael Jackson, Coco, the music of Star Wars) and the latter will choose a theme along the lines of a particular time (80's or "peace & love"), or famous group/musician. If a child plays an instrument and wants to contribute, they'll be put to good use. But both camps offer so much more. There's not anything "lesson-like" about them. I highly recommend both organizations.

Hallelujah!   Mr. D's is a non-pretentious, very hip, all-inclusive fun-filled camp for a wide range of ages (I believe K-8).  This camp really stands out above the rest. 

My daughter already loved music, but now, after 3 years of attending Mr. D's summer camps she has an arsenal of songs and dance moves under her belt.  As an elementary teacher myself, I can truly say that the adults who run this camp (including Mr. D himself and Momo Le Beau the choreographer) foster a nurturing and supportive environment among their participants. For example, yesterday when I arrived to pick up my daughter the kids were taking turns performing an ad hoc solo on stage at the mic. The other kids who made up the audience (without instruction) broke out into a standing ovation after one of their fellow campers "killed it" up there.

Each week has a unique high-interest theme, so start planning in spring for which summer weeks you foresee needing/desiring camp.  

My 8-year-old rising 3rd grader adored this camp. So fun, inspiring, and full of the warm fuzzies that summer camps are supposed to instill in our kids.

She started the week a bit timid, but aspiring to be a star and by the end of the week, she was in the front row singing and dancing her little heart out in an impressive number of memorized hits with great choreography and musicality. We'll definitely be back for more weeks.

Logistically, it's in Rockridge off Broadway above College in the sizeable basement (with built-in stage) of a church. They offer some early drop off and after care for additional fees, which I can't speak to since we didn't use them.

Great, personable staff and "counselors in training" to support the kids. Pretty small in size, so I feel like my daughter was well cared for and got plenty of personal attention and support. Two thumbs up for any kid who loves music, singing, dancing!

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Dec 2013

Just wanted to put a word in about this little known Music and Arts Summer camp that my daughter attended last summer. It was fantastic. My 10 year old absolutely loved it. We booked one week and she had such a great time we went back a 2nd week. Both camps had different themes, the 80's one week and ''off to the Movies'' was the other. The kids designed the stage, worked the lights, made their own costumes and posters and sang hip and cool pop songs with Mr. D. They also helped choreograph the performance with the help of a professional dance teacher. They had Yoga and art and picnics and movies.. non stop fun in a warm supportive environment. I know Mr. D teaches in a bunch of schools in the East bay and in Marin. Last years camps were all sold out so I'd say get in there early and he has a winter camp too. Cant's say enough good things and I'm surprised no body has written a review before. Hailey M