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Dec 2013

Just wanted to put a word in about this little known Music and Arts Summer camp that my daughter attended last summer. It was fantastic. My 10 year old absolutely loved it. We booked one week and she had such a great time we went back a 2nd week. Both camps had different themes, the 80's one week and ''off to the Movies'' was the other. The kids designed the stage, worked the lights, made their own costumes and posters and sang hip and cool pop songs with Mr. D. They also helped choreograph the performance with the help of a professional dance teacher. They had Yoga and art and picnics and movies.. non stop fun in a warm supportive environment. I know Mr. D teaches in a bunch of schools in the East bay and in Marin. Last years camps were all sold out so I'd say get in there early and he has a winter camp too. Cant's say enough good things and I'm surprised no body has written a review before. Hailey M