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Hi Spencer! My 9-year old boy has attended and loves both Musically Minded Academy and Mr. D's Music Club, both in Oakland's Rockridge neighborhood. The former typically has a musical theater theme and incorporates acting (think Michael Jackson, Coco, the music of Star Wars) and the latter will choose a theme along the lines of a particular time (80's or "peace & love"), or famous group/musician. If a child plays an instrument and wants to contribute, they'll be put to good use. But both camps offer so much more. There's not anything "lesson-like" about them. I highly recommend both organizations.

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August 2009

Check out Musically Minded piano studio. All 3 of our kids study there (they're located in Rockridge) and the 3 teachers are all female and are great with kids. See for more information.

Jan 2008

Musically Minded Piano Studio is a great place to take piano lessons. It is a non-profit organization in a residential location in Rockridge near the Rockridge Bart Station and Chabot School. There are student testimonials on the website: There are monthly events focusing on different subjects. On Feb. 11, the children's groups will have the focus of piano technique and the adult group will talk about minimizing performance anxiety. There is a wonderful sense of community in this studio! Call studio director, Anna Orias for more information or to set up a time to meet the teachers and see the space: 510 428 4094 anon