Summer Drama camp for Neurodivergent 10 year old?


I would appreciate any recommendations for a drama/theater camp this summer that would be welcoming to my neurodivergent (ASD, highly verbal and outgoing, can be rigid and anxious), non-binary 10 year old. Most of the posts about theater camps I found were from more than five years ago, so I'd love some more recent experiences. Not aiming for a Broadway level production...looking more for a fun, inclusive and warm environment. Thanks so much!

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Contra Costa Civic Theater Camp has a wonderful summer camp in El Cerrito.They are very accepting of all kinds of children and have been a great asset to the community for many years.The camps fill up fast so I would check on the day registration opens.

Our child is neurotypical but has anxiety issues. They like Mr. D's Music Camp (it incorporates all aspects of performance arts -- acting, singing, dancing, art.) and Berkeley Playhouse summer camp. Mr. D's is a very warm and supportive environment and kids have a great time. It's run by Mr. and Mrs. D. Berkeley Playhouse is more specifically theater focused and the camps sell out really fast as soon as it is announced. My kid says it's better to do the camp with a friend at Berkeley Playhouse, as many kids sign up with existing friends or already know each other from regular school year classes. They say signing up without an existing friend at Mr. D's camp is not an issue. Friends are made quickly. 

Hi Rose in Bloom,

I'm the programmer this year for the Bay Area Country Dance Society's Family Week. It's a week-long sleepaway camp for the whole family at Monte Toyon in Aptos, CA. Activities mostly center around traditional dance forms (English Country, Contra, Irish), and this year we're adding a special kids' (beginning) dance track (there are also really fun family dances for all in the evenings). This year we will also be offering a theater track, taught by Susan Frontczak of Colorado. We have had several neurodivergent and non-binary kids at camp in the past, and they have really thrived. The community is warm and welcoming and very supportive. I encourage you to check out the website, Hope that's helpful! Anne