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This is my daughter’s 5th year coming up with CCCT. She loves it ! She did one play with BACT, but enjoyed the intensity of having only 2 weeks and the support of CCCT more. She has grown into an actual thespian and has blast doing it ! Lovely group, light hearted, fun and surprisingly good.

Our daughter loved the CCCT camp - she did it for several years.

Hello, Contra Costa Civic Theatre -- -- is a great community theatre located in South El Cerrito (really not far from Berkeley). They welcome and encourage volunteers in all areas of the theatre. In addition to regular work parties, there are opportunities to work backstage. It is a warm community with a mix of professional, semi-professional, and new-to-theatre folks. I'm sure your responsible teen would be welcomed. Please reach out to Georgina Edwards, Managing Director at georgina [at] or give the theatre a call at 510-524-9012.

CCCT (Contra Costa Civic Theatre) in El Cerrito has a great program, including, last time I checked, improv on the weekends, and a summer drama camp. My daughter attended several times and loved it. I think it also helped her get comfortable with public speaking.

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Feb 2010

Re: Drama summer camp for precocious 8-yr-old
My precocious 8 (going on 9) year old drama queen has really enjoyed the summer theater camp at the Contra Costa Community Theater up in El Cerrito.

It's a two week, all day camp and they put on a complete play with costumes and everything. My daughter has done it for the last two years and it was a different play each year. They've had a small dance number in them, but they certainly weren't musicals. The program is intense, like- don't schedule any other activities during that time. But, my daughter has truly enjoyed the challenge of trying out, learning lines, blocking, dance number etc...

Their website is andrea

April 2009

Re: Musical Theatre for 9-year-old son
I highly recommend Contra Costa Civic Theatre's Musical Juniors program. Kids put on a full musical over a 10 week period. There is emphasis on all drama skills -- vocal work, character creation, dancing, ensemble work, etc. Nina Meehan the director is awesome. I've seen her work with the kids and her emphasis on supporting each other and teaching drama is wonderful. I volunteer at the theatre (it is a community theater) and while my 5 year old son isn't old enough to join in yet, we have seen many rehearsals and performances. My son is eager to join in once he turns 7. CCCT is in El Cerrito. You can find out more at Susan

Jan 2009

Re: Drama Classes/Camp for 13 year old
Take a look at the Contra Costa Civic Theater (CCCT). It's got a great summer program where the kids do scenes, skits and theater games so there really aren't any so- called ''stars.'' All different levels of talent... it is very well run and my 13 year old daughter loves it. You are probably looking at ''A'' camp because of her age. Anon

Sept 2007

Re: Acting opportunities for parent & child?
I have a great recommendation for parent/child acting opportunities -- Contra Costa Civic Theatre (in El Cerrito). They have been around for 50 years and produce high quality theatre that the whole family can be involved in. Many families perform together (or a parent could run spotlight.) In fact it was founded by a husband/wife team whose children grew up acting and participating and now their children are involved. They usually do 2 musicals per year, a comedy and a drama. They also have afternoon/weekend children's programs. My husband directs, acts and is on the Board of Directors. It's a great group of folks, and we really enjoy being involved. Our son is 3 and we plan on getting him involved very soon. Check out Or feel free to call us at 510-665-7795. Susan

March 2007

My daughter's (and my) favorite theater camp was the Contra Costa Civic Theater summer camp ... ( This camp had a fun, more professional production and counselors that were nice and helpful. All kids, whether they've ever set foot on a stage or not, have fun there and learn a lot. You will not believe what a great production they put on after only 2 weeks. (If they're full get on the waitlist, as spaces do open up.) My daughter learned many acting skills, and went back for three years until she aged out. I would recommend it to someone who wants to learn the basics of theater in an exciting and supportive atmosphere. Good luck! Drama Mama

Feb 2007

Re: Summer Day Camp for 11-year-old
If you haven't found the small community of the Contra Costa Civic Theatre in El Cerrito yet, you should! Their summer drama camps are GREAT! There are sessions for 7-12 year-olds and sessions for 12-16 year-olds. They have lovely instructors who encourage the kids to cooperate and support each other. Contra Costa Civic Theatre, 951 Pomona Avenue (at Moeser), El Cerrito, CA 94530. 510-524-9132. Cathlin

March 2003

Re: Any Summer Programs end of August?
The drama camp at the Contra Costa Civic Theater has a session which runs pretty late in August - this is a great camp which fills up fast, but this session often seems to have openings since a lot of kids are back in school then. Their phone number is 524-9132.