Advice for Summer Theater Camp for 10 Year Old Girl


I am looking for a theater camp for the Summer 2019 located near El Cerrito/Albany/Berkeley for my 10 year old daughter.  I don't see any reviews for Bay Area Children's Theater or Contra Costa Civic Theater camps.  If anyone could let me know their experience with these camps or other others in the Berkeley/El Cerrito area I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!

Parent Replies

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Our daughter loved the CCCT camp - she did it for several years.

We found this gem of a camp last summer. San Francisco Early Music

The emphasis is on early music (voice, strings, recorder, or harpsichord) but the kids work on a play all week, too.  They had costumes, lines to memorize, and daily rehearsals — the Friday evening performance was very well done and greatly exceeded our expectations.  My 9-year old is excited to do it again this year.

I highly recommend Berkeley Playhouse located at the Julia Morgan theater on College Ave. in Berkeley. I'm the first, but I'm sure I won't be the last person to suggest them. Excellent program, very kid focused.

This is my daughter’s 5th year coming up with CCCT. She loves it ! She did one play with BACT, but enjoyed the intensity of having only 2 weeks and the support of CCCT more. She has grown into an actual thespian and has blast doing it ! Lovely group, light hearted, fun and surprisingly good.


Jingle Jamboree is a musically-oriented camp that includes low-key productions of musicals like Beauty and the Beast.  From the website ( it looks like it's aimed mostly at younger kids, but older kids also participate.