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  • Summer Camps for the week of Aug 15th

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    I have twins 5 years and in need for a camp recommendation for very active boys in the East Bay. Thanks BPN!

    Urban Adventures, Cal Youth, Camp Edmo, Hanabi Judo, MOCHA, Head over Heels, van set zwaan dance are some options that have August camps. 

    Every kid I know (my own included) has loved Trackers. I looked online and they have a session that week:

  • Summer Camps the week of June 6

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    Hello BPN

    I'm in the process of signing up my kids for various camps this summer but have yet to see many options for the week of June 6th. I see 24/7 Soccer and a Cub Scouts afternoon camp but that's about it. Any ideas?

    thank you in advance!

    We just signed our kid up for Galileo camp that week, and we were also considering Sees the Day, Wild Ones and Berkeley Day Camp for that week. Lawrence Hall of Science starts that week too but they only do two-week sessions.

    Sees the Day in Tilden Park runs from June 6th on. 

    Kirk and his team are compassionate and fun - highly recommend!

  • Hi parents! My 5.5 year old son has a week of from his preschool/kindergarten and I was looking for an in-person camp (preferably in the East Bay but SF or North Bay is fine too). I would love for him to spend time outdoors and he would love to do basketball (so a hiking or organized sports camp would be great). But ALL camps seem to end by Aug. 13! Anyone know of anything offering something the week of Aug 13? THANKS!

    There seems to be a single spot left (right now) for a kindergarten aged kiddo at Steve and Kate's camp in oakland for the week of Aug 16! Hosted at Park Day school

    I think Trackers' Bay still has space for Grade K in the North Bay location for the weeks of Aug. 9-14 and Aug. 16-20.  Caveat that we have never attended Trackers' Bay camps so have no idea re their quality, safety, etc.

    We just signed up for 510 Camp for the week of Aug. 16, so they are open for the previous week. Not a sports oriented camp but it’s outdoors and they keep kids very engaged. 

  • Late August sleep-away camp for 10yo?

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    Hi. I'm looking for a sleep-away camp for my 10yo. The only two weeks that work for us are August 16 and August 23, but we're flexible on length of stay. 

    It'd be his first time at a sleep away camp, but he's very outgoing and independent. Maybe best to start with a shorter stay away from home. He's not into organized sports or arts and crafts, but loves the outdoors, swimming, fishing, making stuff, nature, etc. 

    Please share your recommendations, suggestions, and experiences. Thanks. 

    I did significant research on this topic earlier this year. I don't think there's going to be many (any?) camps running that late into the summer, because they are all staffed by college students who need to get back to school. Also, by this time, many camps are full for 2021, perhaps because there is limited capacity to some extent because of COVID, but also because camps are going out of business so demand is higher for the remaining spots. For next year, I suggest starting to look in January and booking around March.

    if your 10 year old is entering 5th grade, it looks like trackers may still have a spot in the Aug 16 week.

    I just researched this for my 13yo son. There are a few overnight camps that still have openings. Maybe check out: Hidden Villa (in Los Altos), Natoma (Paso Robles), Camp Unalayee Base Camp (Trinity Alps), and Camp Chrysalis. I don't remember the exact dates that were open but do know that they all had availability. 

  • Hi! Looking for any open spots for summer camp the last week of August - August 26.  I see summer camps ending on August 23 and we are desperate to find one for our 4 1/2 year old daughter the week of August 26.  Thanks!

    The Claremont Hotel has a camp running through the end of August. That’s the only one I know of! 

    Head Over Heels gymnastic camp in Emeryville! My two kids are there and love it. Convenient hours, and open that week. 

    Habitot had spaces a while back (and that's where our 4.5 year old will be going, though the other kids might be a bit younger).

    Brushstrokes in Berkeley! They are offering single days or full week for that last week of August. My daughter loves it and will be there!

  • Hi fellow parents,

    I can't seem to find any summer camps for my 4 year old for the last week in August, August 26-30. I imagine many schools will be already be open then, but hers starts after labor day. I'm looking forward to any and all recommendations - many thanks in advance.

    Habitot runs camp for preschoolers (up to age 4.9) that week. That's the only one I know of, though--with the shift of the school calendars to earlier in August, many preschools have followed suit and there are few available camps for that last week or two before Labor Day. 

    The Claremont Hotel has a camp for kids until last week of August. We haven't tried them, but I found that when I was looking around for summer camps.

    Many thanks for these recommendations fellow parents! I didn't know of either, and just contacted habitot to see if they have space. I'll try the Claremont club if they don't. Again, your help is much appreciated as I wasn't finding much for that week through friends and the internet.  

  • summer camps for the end of August

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am having difficulties to find a camp for the last days of August before school starts in Berkeley, so for the days of August 26th to 29th...any advise?



    The weekly camp Monkey Business up in Tilden Park in Berkeley is the perfect camp to drop into for a couple of weeks--the counselors & kids are wholly welcoming.  The day/week has a less rigid structure than other routine camps, so every morning feels more open & spontaneous:  the "We're all in the fun together!" spirit makes cliques & kid-hierarchies impossible.  And because campers spend the entire day outside (crafts etc are done at picnic tables in the shade of big old trees, games etc are in open meadows) everyone feels free & non-territorial.  My 10yr-old is in his fifth year of all-summer Monkey Business & he finds it fresh day after day.  Highest recommendation!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Camps for the week of Aug 24th or the week of Aug 31st

July 2015

Our sons kindergarten starts Tuesday Sept 8th and we have not been able to find any camps in the Berkeley/Oakland (ideally close to south Berkeley) for 5 year olds that run the week of Aug 24th or the week of Aug 31st. What do others do for childcare/camps during these ''last weeks'' of summer?
Can't be the only one…

Brushstrokes added an extra week for this exact reason! That's what we're doing that week with our 5 year old.

Sarah Science camp, which has locations in Berkeley and Oakland, can handle the first of those two weeks. I imagine there are others for that week. The second week might be hard. Hardly any schools start that late. Can you reach out to parents at your son's school? They must have figured something out. Anon

Summer camp that runs from 8/24 through 8/28 for 11 year old

July 2015

I'm looking for a summer camp that runs for the week of 8/24 to 8/28 this summer (2015). Most of the camps seem to fold up their tent (ha!) by the week of 8/17 at the latest. I'm aware that Sarah's Science is open for the 8/24 week but I'm wondering if there are any other option out there. Ideally, the camp would be in or near Oakland. Also, my son is 11 and entering 6th grade, so a camp that has some older kids would be best (but I may not get to be choosy, I realize). THANKS.
Late Summer Camp Seeker

Check out Ms. Nanci's Peace Out Loud camps. Nancy has been running her small camp out of San Pablo Park (in South Berkeley) for several years. Her age group tends to skew a bit younger, but there's usually one or two older kids and she does a great job giving them a special role. My 10 year old daughter is looking forward to being there for part of those last weeks, so there will be at least one ''older'' kid, and possibly more.

Our family loves Nanci's camps - the combination of fun, learning, play, and attention to social dynamics and development are spot on from both my perspective and my kids' perspective. They appreciate the fun, I appreciate that they come home relaxed and happy. Also, this year she has a STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art & Mathematics) theme, which looks interesting!

Her dates & themes for this summer are listed here: Registration information is here:

Or just email her - she's very responsive: fraggle94 [at] Sofia Z

Late August Summer Camps?

Feb 2015

We are SO happy to have moved our son from our local public school to Beacon Day School. The only downside of this year-round school is the three weeks of closure in late August, after all the traditional camps we've used for years are closed. Does anyone know of a camp that starts August 17th or later this year? Thanks for any suggestions! Cara

We are a Beacon family as well and have the same problem. I know of three camps which are open until the end of August, we have attended two of them. Which one works for you will depend heavily on where you live. We live in Oakland and my son has attended Sarah's Science Camp and Head Over Heels gymnastics camp (they do a lot besides gymnastics). Sarah's Science Camp is at Robert's Regional Park off of Skyline and Head Over Heels is on the Emeryville/Oakland boarder (not sure which city it is technically in). The past two years my son has chosen to attend Sarah's Science Camp and I am pretty sure that is where he will be this year as well since the Beacon summer break is longer. We usually run into a few other Beacon families at Sarah's Science Camp. Art Yowza is another option if you live in Alameda but we have never attended. FellowBeaconParent

Summer camps 8/18 to 8/29 for 5 and 9 yo

June 2014

I am having trouble finding a summer camp for the last two weeks of the summer for my two boys who are 5 and 9 years old. We live in El Sobrante, but are willing to travel. Can anyone let me know if something is available? Thanks, J

Hi J. My two kids (6 & 9) love Sarah's Science camp. They are one of the few camps open through the very end of August. They have locations in Berkeley and Oakland but I think only the Oakland site is open August 25-29. It might be a bit of a drive for you but it's well worth it. The kids spend the day outdoors learning science and playing in the woods. Both of my kids made new friends at camp last year so we're planning on coordinating sessions with them this year. Their website says they still have space in all sessions. August Campers

Camp on August 26 & 27??

Aug 2013

Berkeley schools start on Wed, August 28. Anyone have any ideas where to send a 6-year-old for the Monday and Tuesday of that week? Thanks! BUSD working parent

I would say Sticky Art Lab, as they have two theme based drop in camp days those 2 days, but they are now full. I signed my daughter (6.5 y.o) up last year and again this year as she really enjoyed it. Other than that, you might try Monkey Business Camp. Good Luck....... anon

Hi BUSD Working Parent. The Oakland location of my camp (Sarah's Science / This Land is Your Land Summer Day Camp) has plenty of availability through August 30. We do have a Berkeley location in Tilden Park but that only goes through August 23. Our Oakland location is just two miles off of highway 13 and usually has a number of Berkeley kids in attendance.

Our programs are organized around weekly themes but we do offer a daily rate which is perfect for kids who start school mid-week. Camp includes hands on science projects for children ages 5 and up plus hiking, swimming, and arts and crafts.

For more information, or to register, call our office at (510) 581-3739 or visit our website at Sarah Shaffer sarah [at]

Art Yowza Camp's Magical Fantasy Camp, Aug 26-30 is still enrolling. For more Art Yowza .... School Holiday Camps start enrolling September 15. Summer Camp 2014 starts enrolling Jan 15 fun [at]

Camps in Oakland/Berkeley from Aug 26-30th?

April 2013

Anyone know of summer camps for the very last week of August for a 5 year old? just looking for updated information on BPN. Thank you!

Modern Combatives in Berkeley has a summer camp during those dates. Good club. Good community. Good teaching. Well run by knowledgeable people. The camp is for kids, ages 6-13. See: Neil

I would like to recommend Sarah's Science (also known as This Land is Your Land). They have a fantastic, outdoor summer science camp held at Roberts Park in Oakland and Tilden Park in Berkeley. The camp has weekly sessions running through August 30 which works out great for my kids' late school start date. While the camp is for kids ages 5+, it's very popular with the younger ones. Camping in August

Later summer camps?

April 2012

My son's independent middle school doesn't start until after Labor Day this year, and that seems to be the same with several of his friends at other independent schools. I've talked to several moms about summer camp options but they all end in mid-August. Looking for something for the week of 8/20-24 and 8/27-31. Any ideas? There's a market here for camp organizers to tack on an extra couple of weeks for kids with no place to go! Campless in Late August

This Land Is Your Land day camp (Tilden Park, Berkeley), runs through August 24. The Oakland camp (Roberts Regional Park, Oakland), runs through August 31; Fabulous camp--my two children have attended for years, and have moved up to working as a CIT and counselor. Mara

Hi Campless. I have also been stuck trying to find summer camps that run until the end of August. So far, I have run across Sarah's Science Summer Camps. They have a site in Berkeley that runs weekly sessions through August 24 and a site in Oakland that runs weekly sessions through August 31. After reading the reviews here, I think we're definitely going to be signing up for those last few weeks. You can read about the specific activities and projects here: Late Summer

Sarah Science Camp always runs through the last week of August (in Roberts Regional Park, Oakland) and this year Monkey Business Camp (in Tilden Park, Berkeley) is also open through that week. Have the same problem

No one mentioned Head Over Heels in Emeryville, which runs summer camp through Aug. 31. I don't think you have to be a ''gymnast'' to enjoy all the fun activities there (especially for the younger kids). It's another option

Summer Day Camps in Late August?

March 2012

My 12 year old son's school doesn't start until after Labor Day--any leads on camps that go until late August? I don't mind him staying home a week before school starts, but I'd like him to be in camps as long as possible. The only camp I've found that goes later in the summer is Sarah's Science Camp, and he's not interested. He's the sports/music/writing kind of kid. We live in Berkeley. Any ideas? Clueless and campless mama

Steve and Kates offers camp thru Aug 24 at the Oakland campus. If you sign up for this camp you can drop off at any of their campus locations and any time within their hours of operation (think it's 7:30-6pm) without any additional charges. The website is anon

Hello! Downtown Berkeley YMCA Camps run through August 24th. Our Movin' On camp for kids grades 7-9 is tons of fun with lots of field trips throughout the week to keep things new and fresh. For more information you can contact Noelle Boero, the Camp Director, atnboero [at] or 665-3271. Or see the brochure at: Eden

2008 - 2011 Recommendations

Summer Camp for the week of August 23

August 2010

I am looking for a summer camp for the week of Aug 23. It seems like all the ''great camp'' ends the week before. My son's school doesn't start until September 1st. I am hoping I can find a camp that goes until end of August. Does anybody have any recommendation?

My son will be attending a VERY small summer program (4 to 8 kids) for the two weeks from August 16 through August 27. It's a film and martial arts camp. The location is Downtown Berkeley. One of the leaders is a young man who has done extensive group child care for my son in the past. He teaches the children martial arts, meditation, relaxation, etc. and my son, and all the kids, love him. This camp will also focus on film making. It goes from 9-4:30, and is $250 for the two weeks, but I imagine you could go for just the one week. Oh, and it's for ages 7 (or 6) to 14. My son and his friend who will definitely be there are 11. The website to check is:

Check out the Berkeley YMCA. Alicia

Camp for last 2 weeks of August

June 2010

My daughter's last day of pre-school is August 13 and she doesn't start kindergarten until August 30. I'm looking for some activities or camps to enroll her in. Does anyone have information on late August camps? Thank You!

Berkeley Music and Art Camp is a great camp and has a session the last week of August, as I've noticed on the website. The website is Woody

Sarah's Science camp runs late into the summer. The camp at Roberts Park in Oakland has weekly sessions available through September 3 and the Berkeley camp, located in Tilden Park runs until August 27. Campers take hikes, do nature studies, swim, play games and bring home a science project every day. The staff do a wonderful job of blending science with outdoor activities so the kids are actively engaged throughout the day. You can register and get information online at Good luck!

Day Camp for week of August 24?

May 2009

I'm looking for a day camp for my seven-year-old son the week of August 24, preferably one that starts before 9:00 or at least has extended care option to drop off by 8:15. Most camps seem to finish before August 24. I'm not picky about the kind of camp, but something that requires a lot of activity and/or science fun would be great. Any leads? -B

The City of Oakland's Lake Merritt Boating Center offers ''Pirate Camp'' for 7-10 year olds that week. $145 for 9- 3:30pm with before care available for $10/day from 7am until 6pm. Call 510-238-2196 to for information or register on- line at (click on ''Register Online'' you can then ''Search Activities''- left side of page to look for the camp. Sarah

Veteran teachers Camille Zulpo and Lauren Ganes have created a one week Art and Cooking Camp for 8 lucky children. Mornings will be busy with campers making art and cooking their own lunches and snacks. Afternoons will be busy playing and relaxing at Keller's Beach or exploring Pt. Richmond. Camp is August 24-August 28 from 9:00--3:30. For more information contact Camille, cz410 [at] or Lauren lganes [at]

If you are looking for a great summer camp for the week of August 24th, check our Sarah's Science/This Land Is Your Land Summer Day Camp . Sarah has two locations available in the final week of summer - Berkeley at Tilden Park and Oakland at Roberts Regional Park. This is an outdoors science camp with lots of fun activities for kids from 5 through 15. Basic camp hours are from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Extended care is available from 8:00 am to 9:00 am and also from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm. My four grandsons love this camp. They come home tired, dirty and loaded with great science information! They also bring home a different science project every day. The theme for the last week is always ''Sarah's Favorite Projects'' so the projects for that week are always lots of fun. You can get additional information by going to their website,, or you can also call the office on 510-581-3739. Kathy

End of Summer Summer Camp?

March 2009

As a daycamp newbie, I have discovered that most camps end Aug. 14th. However, my kids the following week as their last week of summer. We are unable to take that week as vacation, so they need to be looked after. Both are in elementary school, entering 1st & 5th grades.

I am looking for options in the vicinity of Walnut Creek/Lafayette (where we live) and/or Oakland near Lake Merritt (where I work). If you can make any recommendations, please pass them along.

Thanks so much! Stephanie

We have found that Monkey Business Camp (MBC) at Tilden Park offers sessions all the way up thru the end of the summer/up to Labor Day (check their website for exact dates). This schedule accommodates our EBIS schedule and the very last week of summer, they offer a pay by the day option which is nice if you want to take a long weekend before school starts.

The camp location is near the little farm in Tilden and is a wonderful serene setting for the kids (and nice when you pick them up too!). The programs include arts and crafts, sports, science and drama - check the website for the weekly themes. This is my daughter's favorite camp and we have been going here since she was in kindergarten (she is now a 3rd grader). Karen

Camp for one week August 20-24

July 2007

I need a camp for my wonderful almost 8 year old daughter. Thus far I haven't found anywhere where I can put her in for just a week. Help!! going back to work week

Art Yowza! in Alameda offers camp by the week or even day. Rebecca Stees' studio is a small art camp for kids. My daughter (8) is looking forward to returning this summer. Betsy

Try Sarah's Science - This Land is Your Land camp in Oakland or Berkeley. They run very nice week-by-week science camps. Here is the web site: You can get the phone number and call right away. Mom

Try Sarah's Science Camp (This Land is your land) at Happy Campers

2004 - 2007 Recommendations

Summer camp week of June 11th?

March 2007

I need to find a camp for my 7 year-old the week of June 11-15. Our family is taking vacation later in the summer and I can't afford to take off this week as well. I've checked out a number of camps and they all seem to start on June 18th. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. working mom

Check out the great camps run by Cal Berkeley at Your seven-year-old will probably love the Bears camp at the Clark Kerr campus, and they have sessions beginning June 11. Anonymous

Daycamp in Walnut Creek/Lamorinda Aug 20-24?

March 2007

Does anyone have any recommendations for a daycamp in Walnut Creek or Lamorinda for the week of August 20-24th? The summer camp our daughter normally goes to each summer (Camp Shelanu at the JCC in Walnut Creek) ends a week earlier than expected and we need something for Aug. 20-24. We need a daycamp that has extended care both at the start of the day and end of the day. If you can provide links to the camp website if they have one, that would be great, too. Our daughter will turn nine years old in early August. Thanks! unexpectedly looking for more camp options

Consider Girl Scout Camps this Summer. See er_camps.html for more information about sleep away and daycamps. You don't have to be a Girl Scout to attend camp. For your area, there is a Girl Scout Day Camp that may have the schedule that you need. See Eagle

It is very hard to find anything beyond the 17th of Aug in Lam/WC. The only camp I could find (as I pondered both half and full day camps) was Deer Hill Camp which is a farm experience but is only half day. Even in Berk/Oak that week is difficult. Sarah's Science camp has before/after and full day camp that week (8-5:30pm) Good luck! Anon

One week of camp the week after school ends

April 2006

I am looking for a camp that is open the week after OUSD closes (6/20-6/24) for twelve year old boys. I just need that one week. Karen

Monkey Business has a one week session that week. A 12 year old boy can be a cit, counselor in training. jc

Late August Summer Day Camp

March 2006

My daughter's school doesn't start their Fall session until the Wednesday following Labor Day. Most Summer Camps end August 25. Does anyone know of Summer Camp options that run that last week of August (Aug 28 - Sept 1)? Cathy


2003 & Earlier

Day Camp Aug 25-29

August 2003

Are there ANY day camps operating the last week of August??? Aug 25-29? My 7 year old doesn't go back to school until Sept 2 and I haven't been able to find a day camp for her the last week of August. And I will be out of town that week, so I'm trying to make arrangements for her during the days that week. HELP! Nancy

Check out for lots of Berkeley area camp details (though many will be full by now) R.K.

My son will be going to Sarah's Science Camp the last week of August. There are two locations, one in Tilden Park and one in Roberts Park in Oakland. My son has attended the first week and absolutely loved it. You can check out their website at Jannette

The Cal Blue Cubs Camp is open that week. Check them out at My 7 year old has really enjoyed this camp a lot. Sima

There are two camps I know of. One is This Land is Your Land in Oakland (Robert's Park), run by Sarah of Sarah's Science. I don't know if there are spaces available, but I'd guess so. Should be a fun week, doing lots of Sarah's favorite science projects (my 6-year-old will be there). Also, Cal Explorer usually has camp that week too. This camp is at the rec center at Strawberry, and is very sports-oriented. Many kids like this camp, but my son, who is not at all sports-oriented, categorically told me he never wanted to go there again, after just one week last year. Hope you find something that works. Amy

Any Summer Programs end of August?

March 2003

School doesn't start until the very end of August, but most summer programs end mid-August. Surprise! (You can tell it's our first go-round and I sure planned our vacation wrong this year). Does anyone know of summer programs in the Berkeley/Albany/Emeryville/El Cerrito areas that run weekly all the way through August 29?


  • Contra Costa Civic Theater
  • Monkey Business Camp

    I start classes 2 weeks before my daughter does

    July 1998

    Help! I just recently moved into the UC Village in Albany and I am a single parent of an eight year old. I, as many others, will start school two weeks before my daughter begins school (third grade). I am wondering if someone can please tell me of any type of childcare that I can use for these two weeks, from baby-sitters to daycare. As for the school year, it looks as though she will be attending an afterschool program. I would also appreciate if I could get people's opinions of the three programs available in Albany (YMCA, Albany Recreation Dept., and Albany Kid's Corner). Thanks! -Angela

    I sympathize with your childcare dilemma; we'll be going through the same thing with our 5-year-old. You may be interested to know that there is a fourth childcare option for Albany schoolchildren. The Berkeley Richmond Jewish Community Center (Rose & Oxford in Berkeley) has vans that pick up children from Albany elementary schools. That's where our daughter went last year, and she really enjoyed it. In my opinion, the JCC is the best afterschool option for Albany students. Since Berkeley schools start a week earlier than Albany's, the JCC afterschool program actually begins August 31; so if you decided to send your daughter there for the school year you would only have one week to worry about!

    That said, we will be switching our daughter to the Friendship (run by the Recreation Dept.), for the simple reason that it's so much more convenient: we live across the street from Memorial Park, where the Friendship Club is located. The same will be true for you, of course, with the Kids Corner. Greg

    We never considered Kids Corner, since it's so far out of our way (although we certainly would have when we lived in the Village a few years ago!); so I really don't have an impression of that program. My sense is that it is similar in quality to Friendship Club; that is, pretty good.

    To return the first part of your question, what to do for childcare the last 2 weeks of summer: I know the Recreation Dept. offers a summer camp program for the first of those 2 weeks (the last week of August). But they don't offer any programs for the first week of September. JCC has nothing the last week of August, and then starts their Center Stage afterschool program the first week of September (meaning that unless your daughter will be a JCC regular during the school year, JCC won't work for you). I don't know what, if anything, Kids Club or Kids Corner offers, although since the latter is used mostly by children of UC students, one think they would offer something.

    The ymca.html#berk>Berkeley Y camp usually runs late each summer, and Lawrence Berkeley Labs has a camp (from 7:45-5:00, if you include before and after care) with openings the week of Aug 31. Wendy