Summer camps open for the last week in August?

Hi fellow parents,

I can't seem to find any summer camps for my 4 year old for the last week in August, August 26-30. I imagine many schools will be already be open then, but hers starts after labor day. I'm looking forward to any and all recommendations - many thanks in advance.

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Habitot runs camp for preschoolers (up to age 4.9) that week. That's the only one I know of, though--with the shift of the school calendars to earlier in August, many preschools have followed suit and there are few available camps for that last week or two before Labor Day. 

The Claremont Hotel has a camp for kids until last week of August. We haven't tried them, but I found that when I was looking around for summer camps.

Many thanks for these recommendations fellow parents! I didn't know of either, and just contacted habitot to see if they have space. I'll try the Claremont club if they don't. Again, your help is much appreciated as I wasn't finding much for that week through friends and the internet.