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The City of Albany’s Recreation and Community Services Department wants to ensure that recreation programming is accessible to all. If you are a Tiny Tot, Youth, Adult or Senior you are at the right place. We offer a plethora of recreational classes that will foster new skills, promote health, well being and expand cultural and artistic development. We offer classes ranging from Yoga, Tennis, Dog Obedience, Tai-Chi, Da Yan Qi Gong, Pilates to more special interest classes such as Clay, Cooking, Drawing, Knitting, Fencing, Karate and much more.

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Tennis lessons for novice middle schooler?(4 responses)

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Reviews of Summer Programs

City of Albany Camp Friendship

Jan 2012

Does anyone have any experience with the City of Albany's Camp Friendship summer day camp? The price is right, and it's very convenient, but will it keep my son interested all summer? Jean

We are regulars in the afterschool program ''Friendship Club'' and we have enrolled in the week-at-a-time camps run through the same (''Camp Friendship''). I can say, wholeheartedly, that we love the camp and program. The staff are fantastic: they genuinely care about the kids and do a great job of creating a fun and friendly atmosphere. They do great field trips during the weeklong camps and really make sure all kids are having a good time and are feeling safe and cared for.

We have never done a full summer of only one camp, so I can't speak to your child's interest level after many weeks (I work 'flexibly' so take them to the pool and other things too). But camp friendship would seem to me a great option for multiple week enrollment - as much as any other camp. big fan

March 2004

Re: Day camp for extremely shy 9 year old
I read in the announcements that the City of Albany is hosting a wide variety of summer camps. The Camp Friendship or any of the camps they offer would be great! Send Chelle an email for camp info: cputzer[at] Chelle

Albany Afterschool activities

Although our girls aren't that old yet (4.5 and 8 months), and we aren't tuned into activities for older girls yet, I know there are classes offered daily at the Community Center (same building as the Library, Marin & Masonic). I believe the fall schedule of classes is out, and that various types of arts and crafts are offered. You may want to check with the Community Center or the Albany Recreation Dept. for details. At the middle school (where I assume your older girl will be going) is, or used to be, a teen center? that has activities for that age group; there may also be something similar at UC Village, which is the student housing complex right next to the middle school.

Also Albany has a swim team called the Blue Dolphins, which I believe is for kids your daughters' age. You can inquire at the Albany Pool, which is on Portland Ave. next to Memorial Park.


From: Greg (7/98)

we will be switching our daughter to the Friendship (run by the Recreation Dept.), for the simple reason that it's so much more convenient: we live across the street from Memorial Park, where the Friendship Club is located. The same will be true for you, of course, with the Kids Corner.

We never considered Kids Corner, since it's so far out of our way (although we certainly would have when we lived in the Village a few years ago!); so I really don't have an impression of that program. My sense is that it is similar in quality to Friendship Club; that is, pretty good.


Dance Classes at Albany Community Center


From: Denise (3/98)

You asked about dance and music classes for your 3-yr-old. The Albany Community Center offers a class called Barefoot Dancers to residents and non-residents for 2-3 and 4-5 year-olds. They are usually on Monday afternoons 4:30-5 and saturdays from 10:30-11 and $6/drop-in or less if you sign up for the session. It's taught by Patricia d'Ottillie. Call 524-9283.

Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 09:01:52 -0800

I had my daughter take ballet lessons at the Albany Community Center when she was 4-ish. It was quite good. Reasonable in cost, 1/2 hour classes, good location for us, and was ballet enough, (leotards, dance shoes and french names for the dance steps) but not overly strict. It also only required a 6-week (I think) commitment, as opposed to many of the more formal dance schools where classes are for an academic year. We found it age-appropriate at the time. Good luck. Judy Chess

Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 09:04:19 -0800

A note on Albany Community Center: Mary Lyons the ballet teacher is only available on Fridays -- she teaches other days at other less age-appropriate places. These classes have become very popular and at 12 kids are now really too large to be very ideal for anyone. I guess I'll have to give up on the place.


March 1999

To the person that was interested in Soccer for their 5 yr. old. The city of Albany runs a soccer program on Sundays for this age group. There are 2 sessions that run for 6 weeks each. You can pick up a signup sheet at the Albany Community Center on Marin at Masonic in Albany. Our daughter will try it for the first time in the May session so I can't say how it is yet.