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May 2012

Hi, I have found a great place for my 13 year old to hang out after school and just wanted to share. The Albany teen center has after school programs for kids 10-15. Also once a month it throws a dinner/games/ dance party for youth. This Friday they are having the party for 6-10pm, this gives us parents the opportunity to go on a date. S.

Nov 2009

The Albany Teen Center is open to all teens in sixth through ninth grade. The center offers drop-in activities, trips, sports activities and homework assistance. The Albany Teen Center is open Monday through Friday after school and on all school holidays. We offer Mid-Winter and Spring Break programming (school districts' holiday-breaks may vary), and special summer programming that includes non-stop activities, exciting field trips and a place to meet with friends. The Albany Teen Center is also open to all t(w)eens on the second and 4th Fridays of the month, during the school year, from 6-9pm for "Teen Nights" (social time for teens, recharge time for parents/guardians).

There are multiple payment options available. Contact Info: Phone (510)525-0576, Website: