Tap Class without Ballet for almost 6yr old?

My daughter would like to try tap classes but I can't seem to find a class that is just tap, or is a combo class WITHOUT ballet. 

She already takes ballet at a studio that doesn't have tap, so I don't want a class that has ballet (I think that might mix her up about expectations in both classes!) She's enrolled for the year at her current ballet school so for now we aren't interested in switching altogether.

She's almost 6 and we are willing to consider any East Bay location.

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Lamorinda Performing Academy (formerly Lamorinda Theatre Academy) -- can google them.  In Lafayette.  Or their sister location Diablo Performing Academy in Concord or somewhere near Concord.

I recommend https://www.katiesdancestudio.com/. My daughter attended for years and received a solid foundation in dance skills.

I don't have personal experience with it, but I see that Albany Community Center offers tap for that age range. Look at page 8 for details.  I assume a new session starts in January.


I can recommend East Bay Dance Center in Oakland, Glenview district. My son has been there for camps and they did explore every single type of dances available. I think their after-school program is more specific to either just ballet, or just tap, or just hip-hop....And they will pick up your kid from school too. Good luck.

Check out Irina’s classes at The Beat in South Berkeley. My daughter learned a lot in her tap classes. Also see if  Vanderzwaan Studios has tap only classes  

Good luck!

I happened to notice that a beginning tap class is offered at the Beat in Berkeley from 3-4 pm on Wednesday.