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  • My daughter would like to try tap classes but I can't seem to find a class that is just tap, or is a combo class WITHOUT ballet. 

    She already takes ballet at a studio that doesn't have tap, so I don't want a class that has ballet (I think that might mix her up about expectations in both classes!) She's enrolled for the year at her current ballet school so for now we aren't interested in switching altogether.

    She's almost 6 and we are willing to consider any East Bay location.

    Lamorinda Performing Academy (formerly Lamorinda Theatre Academy) -- can google them.  In Lafayette.  Or their sister location Diablo Performing Academy in Concord or somewhere near Concord.

    I recommend https://www.katiesdancestudio.com/. My daughter attended for years and received a solid foundation in dance skills.

    I don't have personal experience with it, but I see that Albany Community Center offers tap for that age range. Look at page 8 for details.  I assume a new session starts in January.


    I can recommend East Bay Dance Center in Oakland, Glenview district. My son has been there for camps and they did explore every single type of dances available. I think their after-school program is more specific to either just ballet, or just tap, or just hip-hop....And they will pick up your kid from school too. Good luck.

    Check out Irina’s classes at The Beat in South Berkeley. My daughter learned a lot in her tap classes. Also see if  Vanderzwaan Studios has tap only classes  

    Good luck!

    I happened to notice that a beginning tap class is offered at the Beat in Berkeley from 3-4 pm on Wednesday. 

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Tap Dance Lessons for Three Year Old

Nov 2010

Hi - my three and a half year old boy really wants to take tap dance lessons - I can't find anything for younger than age 7 (which does, I'll admit, make sense). Any recommendations? We are on an extremely tight budget, by the way. We live in SF and don't have a car, so we need something BART accessible. Thanks. Clearly watched too much Gene Kelly!

It's a bit far from San Francisco, but Katie's Dance Studio in El Cerrito http://www.katiesdancestudio.com/welcome.html takes kids who are 3 1/2. They're on San Pablo Ave. across from the Guitar Center, a few blocks north of the El Cerrito BART station. They have 45-minute classes, which are half jazz and half tap. I know there is a 10 am Saturday class for 3-5 year olds, and there are others in the afternoons on weekdays. This is a 'show year' (every other year is), and the kids learn a jazz and a tap routine over the course of the school year, get fancy costumes, and perform in a big recital in June (optional, but very fun). The studio is 'serious' but fun too. The teachers are fantastic--dedicated and kind. Call Katie to try out a class...925-229-2695. heidilee

Beginning tap for an adult

Feb 2009

Does anyone know if classes are still being held at The Beat? I'm interested in taking Beginning Tap (as an adult) and have called to leave several messages, but received no response. The message on the machine is old, so I'm wondering if it's even operating anymore. Does anyone else have any recommendations for adult tap classes in Oakland or Berkeley? Thanks so much! Lisa in Oakland

Most people don't know that Kids 'n Dance does the occasional adult class. They have a small adult tap class that has been going for the last few sessions. The class is Monday's 6:00-7:00. It is a small friendly group of 5 students. Some have tapped before and others are total novices. The owner of the studio, Kris Mueller, teaches it. They are on line. heard good things about this adult class

The Beat in Berkeley is under new management and has more classes, including tap, and more going on than ever. Check it out. Google them for the latest class schedule. Joan

Don't give up on the Beat, as it is definitely alive and tapping! I have taken tap classes here for years and don't know what I would do without the place, as it is one of the few studios that focuses on rhythm tap and is for adults only. Gregg Geoffroy, the current primary teacher, is fabulous -- high energy, creative and also loves teaching about the history and choreography of tap greats like Jimmy Slide.

As a busy working mom, I look forward to Gregg's class each week and having a break from kid-centered stuff, connecting with classmates who range from college-age to retirees.

One important caution is that the only tap class for true beginners is the ''Intro To Tap,'' and you would want to start at the beginning of the session. All the other classes, even the ones labeled ''Beginners,'' require some experience.

For more info, you can go to the website at www.the-beat.org or else show up on a Saturday or Sunday, when most of the tap classes are, to check it out. I should add that the Beat is home to lots of other great classes, such as Samba, ballet and more. EastBayHoofer

Tap dance class for kids

June 2008

Does anyone know a good Tap Dance classes for kids? I search the PBN and newest one is from 2003. Thank you Maro

My 5.5y daughter has been taking a tap/jazz class at Katie's Dance Studio (http://www.katiesdancestudio.com/)for a couple of years. They are very into tap and show dancing--and are very good at it. It's all a little over the top for me, but my daughter loves it and the teachers are great (and good role models). There are boys and girls in the classes and they have a lot of fun. tapper

Tap Dance Classes for 6-1/2 year old

March 2003

My 6-1/2 year old daugher (she'll be 7 in March) would LOVE to take tap dancing lessons. She does her own version of tap dancing around the house ALL the time. Any recommendations? The only one on the website is from April of 2000. We live in Oakland and I am a full time working mom, so classes in the late weekday afternoons or on the weekends are preferred. Thanks for your help. Shoshana

Try Cerrito Dance Arts Center at 1534 Kearney Street in El Cerrito, near Target (cross street Potrero). The phone # there is 234-2780. Maryse Young teaches tap/ballet, and she's great. My daughter started dancing there rather late, when she was in 6th grade, and she loves it! They have Saturday and afternoon classes. If you don't get a call back after leaving a message, just show up one Saturday morning at 9:15 for the beginning class, and watch and talk to Maryse. The studio is an old converted carriage house behind the main house, through a gate. Good luck! spichler

Tap for Adults

July 2002

Okay, so I just watched ''Singing In The Rain'' with my 4 year old, and I'm all hyped up about taking tap classes. Can anyone recommend a great tap class for adults here in Oakland/Berkeley?
Gotta dance

Recommendations received:

  • The Beat Dance Center (3)

    Tap for 6-year-old


    our 6 year old would like to take tap dancing classes - we have heard that Chris Bell at Studio J is wonderful, but we can't find any listings in the phone book. Does anyone know if Studio J is still in existance? Thanks Mary

    Studio J changed ownership more than a year ago. It is now called The Beat ... (See The Beat for the rest of this review, and two others.)
    Also recommended: Katie's Dance Studio

    Tap Classes for 4-year-old

    April 2000

    Any ideas about a tap class for an active four year old boy who wants to dance fast and loud? He has been watching Singing in the Rain, tap dancing with great enthusiasm, and asking about a class. All the web site recs are old, non-tap, or far away (we're in N. Oakland). Montclair rec center has something but it looked very sedate and I don't think he'd do well. Any ideas out there? Thanks. Leah

    Recommendation received:

  • The Beat