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I happened to notice that a beginning tap class is offered at the Beat in Berkeley from 3-4 pm on Wednesday. 

Check out Irina’s classes at The Beat in South Berkeley. My daughter learned a lot in her tap classes. Also see if  Vanderzwaan Studios has tap only classes  

Good luck!

You may want to check out creative dance, world dance, or tap at The Beat in West Berkeley. Creative and world are back to back, which you may need to do with the two ages, but they are fun classes with a great teacher.

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    Re: Tap for Adults (July 2002)
    The BEAT on 9th Street in Berkeley has tap dance classes for adults and children. I was studying jazz/blues there and saw the tap recitals. There is alot of energy and enthusiasm for tap there. Everyone seems to really love it! Laura

    Re: Tap for Adults (July 2002)
    Hello! I am a dancer, and though I know of more places in San Francisco, the peninsula and the south bay, I have heard of a place up in your neck of the woods that sounds good. It's called ''The Beat Dance Center''. I haven't been there before, but I know they teach tap, and I think they have a reputation for teaching good technique. Here is what I found:

      (Studio J's)The Beat Dance Center 2560 Ninth St. at Parker     510-548-5348 Berkeley 

    Call them and see what you think. Of course, if you are willing to make the drive to San Jose, my husband and I are teaching an adult beginning class right now. He dances just like Gene Kelly! Good luck, Kristen Scott

    Re: Tap for Adults (July 2002)
    For tap dance classes, check out The Beat dance studio in Berkeley on 9th between Dwight & Parker. The website is www.the- There is more information about the studio history on the UCB archives. I have only taken jazz classes there but the studio is more known for its tap program with Gregory Hines and the likes on its advisory board in the past. Denise


    Re: hip hop/jazz/modern dance classes for 13-year-old
    The Beat at 8th and Parker is the BEST--it is very professional and where the pros work out. However, it is an adult school and though welcoming to teens, does not provide a teen atmosphere, or end-of-year performances. My daughter really improved her technique there, and began to take her dancing very seriously. She missed the kid-socializing stuff, so she also went back to her teen classes at Cerrito Arts Dance Studio in El Cerrito. Michael


    Re: Tap for 6-year-old

    Studio J changed ownership more than a year ago. It is now called The Beat, Eddie Brown Center for the Arts. It is in the same location as the former Studio J, at 2560 9th Street (between Dwight and Parker) in Berkeley. Telephone number is 510-548-5348. There is also a website: The studio has a strong tap dance following and has offered Flamenco, Salsa, Zydeco, and Afro-Cuban dance. I'm not sure what the current offerings are, so I'd call in advance to double check any class you're interested in taking. Roger Dilahunty is a fantastic jazz dance teacher for adults who has taught for many years at the studio in its various incarnations and is wonderfully accessible and challenging to people who love to dance but are not necessarily professionally-trained dancers. Denise

    Chris Bell did indeed offer some terrific tap dancing classes for kids, but she stopped teaching and sold Studio J a couple of years ago. The place still exists but under a different name. I would think that they still offer tap dancing classes for kids though. Laura

    In reply to person asking about Studio J--the name has been changed to The Beat and it is still in the same location. They are a VERY adult-oriented studio however. My 13-year old daughter has taken workshops there when master classes are offered.

    However, for ongoing tap and jazz, she has studieds since she was 5-years-old at Katie's Dance Studio ... (see Katie's Dance Studio for the rest of this review.)

    April 2000

    Re: Tap Classes for 4-year-old
    The Beat, a studio in NW Berkeley, has tap classes for adults and kids. They are on 9th b/t Parker and Dwight. Call them at 548-5348 and ask them to send a schedule. GirlSwirly