Zumba/Dance/Hip Hop classes for adults?

Hello! I'm looking to dip my toe back into group fitness in Berkeley. I used to take weekly adult dance classes in another town (I'd like to avoid barre work for now, I'm more interested in floor/aerobic classes). Does anyone have recommendation for 

1) Classes that on Wed evenings 7p or later in a studio?

2) Classes on a weekend that are outdoors (parks are fine) or in a studio?


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Check out Hipline on Lakeshore. Their classes are so much fun!

I recommend the dance and other movement classes at The Beat on 9th Street in Berkeley.  Chi Chi's Wednesday evening "Advanced Rhythm Tap" is a very fun class that I've taken from time to time when I can. 


It is hybrid (the next few weeks some classes are pre recorded because of holiday travel), wonderful community, wonderful Zumba, wonderful teachers!

I do the Sunday 9:30 am class and others when time permits and highly recommend!

Carah teaches great zumba classes outdoors at at MLK middle school in Berkeley at 9am Saturdays and at Bushrod park 5:30pm Mondays details: https://workouttemps.com/workout2uclasses

Jam4Joy teaches zumba classes outdoors at at MLK middle school in Berkeley 10am Sunday and 6:15pm Wednesday - they don't have a website but you can sign up for their emails  jam4joy2020 [at] gmail.com


Corey Action has the best energy and moves 

Love, love, love Corey Action at New Style MotherLode!


Found his classes originally through BPN!  Used to have a studio on College Ave. in Rockridge, then a studio next door to Oakland Tech, now on E. 12th at 2nd Ave.  When I first went I thought I might be too old, but it's exactly my demographic -- mostly women 35-70, one dancer just celebrated his 76th birthday.  Corey also does Zoom and it is so so fun.  Highly recommend.