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Love, love, love Corey Action at New Style MotherLode!

Found his classes originally through BPN!  Used to have a studio on College Ave. in Rockridge, then a studio next door to Oakland Tech, now on E. 12th at 2nd Ave.  When I first went I thought I might be too old, but it's exactly my demographic -- mostly women 35-70, one dancer just celebrated his 76th birthday.  Corey also does Zoom and it is so so fun.  Highly recommend.

Corey Action has the best energy and moves 

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May 2008

Re: Private hip hop or club dancing lessons
Contact New Style Motherlode Dance Studio on College in Rockridge. They have AWESOME group cardio hip hop classes, a great hip hop performance group, and really incredible choreographers/teachers. 5451 College Ave. 597-1056

Re: Summer Hip Hop class for teens (May 2006)
New Style Motherlode, in Rockridge. It's the real deal.

Re: Hip hop classes for daughter, 6 1/2 (Sept 2005)
Corey Action at New Style Motherlode in Rockridge is excellent.

Re: Dance or Drama Class for 7.5-year-old boy (Nov 2004)
My 6 yo loves the hip hop dance class at New Style Mother Lode on College Ave. The price is good, $6 per class, and you can drop in instead of committing to a session. The teacher is terrific. It's from 4-5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. http://