Adult dance classes - hip hop and similar?

Looking for dance classes for adults in Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito area, Oakland okay just a little farther for me. Fun oriented, beginner friendly. Mostly interested in hip hop style, but salsa/bachata also sounds fun. Thanks! 

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The Dance Floor is great! 

There are several Rhythm and Motion classes each week at Berkeley Ballet School (near the Gilman Whole Foods). Not Hip-Hop, but tons of fun and great exercise. (Fusion will probably be more your style than the modern class).

If you've never done any dance before, it might be a little bit of a challenge - but in my experience, everyone is incredibly welcoming of every dancer wherever they are in the experience and skill level.

Hi- Shawl Anderson Dance Center on Alcatraz one building uphill from College has a Friday night all levels hip hop class. I haven’t been to that class, but the studio’s culture is very welcoming and kind. 


Please let me know if anyone shares any recommendations with you. I moved to El Cerrito over a year ago and have also been looking for hip hop studios since I used to always dance in San Francisco. So far I haven't found any and was continuing to go into the city for classes at Dance Mission. Oakland definitely has a 2 good hip hop studios. I've never been but I know people who've gone. There is a ballet studio off of Gilman if you are interested in ballet. For salsa/bachata, there is a place on San Pablo Avenue but I believe the classes are at 8pm followed by free dance.

Oakland - In the groove studios

Oakland - Full out studios

Ashkenaz Berkeley

The Beat - salsa Berkeley

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It’s in Oakland but I highly recommend Action Cardio at New Style Motherlode. Fun, challenging, but beginner friendly. Corey is a great dancer and teacher. The cardio classes don’t include much technique but he’s always happy to break things down.

It’s worth the drive to Corey Action’s New Style Motherlode by Lake Merritt.

I found out about it through BPN and have danced there now for a decade. 
Mostly women 40-60 though some younger and older. There’s a 76 year old man who’s a regular and a hoot.

love, love love. 

Have you tried Hipline?  It's in Oakland - but right by the Trader Joe's in Lake Merritt, so easy parking and convenient for errands.  The classes are either "Shimmy Pop" (dance based cardio) or "Power Pop" (dance plus weights/floor/strength stuff.). The vibe is totally welcoming and positive, regardless of level.  The dance style depends on the instructor; for instance, I love the one taught by a woman from Brazil because it has a lot of hip hop with samba flair, but it's not a "samba" class.  It's not dance instruction the way a Shawl Anderson class is, but I love to dance (especially latin/salsa!) so I just go and rock out and sweat and have fun.