Desperate for August 26 week Summer Camp/Caregiver

Hi! Looking for any open spots for summer camp the last week of August - August 26.  I see summer camps ending on August 23 and we are desperate to find one for our 4 1/2 year old daughter the week of August 26.  Thanks!

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The Claremont Hotel has a camp running through the end of August. That’s the only one I know of! 

Head Over Heels gymnastic camp in Emeryville! My two kids are there and love it. Convenient hours, and open that week. 

Habitot had spaces a while back (and that's where our 4.5 year old will be going, though the other kids might be a bit younger).

Brushstrokes in Berkeley! They are offering single days or full week for that last week of August. My daughter loves it and will be there!