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Brushstrokes is a paint-your-own pottery studio in Berkeley's Fourth Street District.  We offer drop in studio time 7 days a week (Daily 11 am - 8 pm, Wed/Sun 11 am - 6 pm).  You can paint pottery, fuse glass or make a mosaic on a drop in basis.  No experience necessary.  No reservations required.  We also offer classes, camps, workshops and parties.   We have camps whenever school is out:  during school breaks and all summer long.  We offer camp programs for ages 4-5, 7-10, teens & tweens as well as a CIT program.  We offer a Clay Club on Friday afternoons, for kids and adults to work with a clay instructor on their projects.

Parent Reviews

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We just had our daughter's birthday party at Brushstrokes in Berkeley.  They can hold it outside, which is nice, although we ended up indoors as we were lucky enough to host during the atmosphereic river/bomb cyclone.  Fortunately, all our our guests are in the same classroom and are tested weekly so we were okay with that. The girls finished painting rather quickly so bring a game or some other diversion in case you need to kill time.  We ended up playing multiple rounds of telephone.

One of the best bachelorette parties I've been to was at a paint-your-own-pottery studio!  Brushstrokes ( in Berkeley has a pleasant garden and takes reservations for private parties on the weekend, it looks like.

Brushstrokes in Berkeley! They are offering single days or full week for that last week of August. My daughter loves it and will be there!

RE: Summer Camp for Introverts? ()

Yesssss... both my kids tend toward this. Roughing It was a great experience for my rising first grader, a lot of structure and small groups. Brushstrokes has also been good; again, a small group. The bigger city recreation programs have been the hardest experiences for both my kids. You could also try hiring a babysitter instead of camps. I will say that my older child, now in 4th grade, has become less sensitive about needing to warm up over the years, and acclimates more quickly to more overwhelming environments, relative to where he was a few years ago. So don't despair - this year and next year might be challenging, but your child might change and mature.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

June 2011

I went to Brushstrokes to make a fathers' day gift with my 14 year old and once again found it to be a place of endless inspiration. Jessie,the owner has positive energy for everyone and her staff are always gracious, thoughtful and seem happy to be there. They also always have great advice on where to take a design if you are stuck, or how to cover a mistake. The camps are well thought out and the groups for adults are a great way to catch up with friends while tapping into once's creativity. I can't recommend it enough. Daniella

Jan 2010

Re: Looking for art class for 8 & 10 yo
There's a great drawing class for kids ages 8-12 at Brushstrokes Studio. A new session starts in January. It's called The Art Loft: A Classical Drawing Program for Kids. We've had great experiences at Brushstrokes with many camps and classes. My 8yo daughter will be in this class, too. (She's been very anxious to turn 8 because of it!) Maybe we'll see you there. Megan

Dec 2009

Re: Dancing Paintbrush Studio vs. Brushstrokes Studio
No knowledge of Dancing Paintbrush, but my shy, clingy 9-year-old just did an all-day Veteran's Day art camp at Brushstrokes and LOVED it. Alex, the teacher, is very good with the kids, patient, calm, and doesn't talk down to them. The kids were 7-9, and she was able to address them all intelligently so no one felt lost and no one felt the class was too babyish. A close friend, age 9, just finished an 8-week (I think) 2-D art course there and is hooked too. A very mellow, calm, mature atmosphere reigns at Brushstrokes. Even toddlers step up to the plate (excuse the pun), and are quiet and engaged while working on artwork or pottery. Brushstrokes is a gem in Berkeley. heidi

March 2008

Does anyone have any recent feedback about Brushstrokes Summer Camp? We have 2 girls that are currently in 3rd and 4th grade that are considering it. JJ's Mom

My 7-year-old son went to one week of Brushstrokes Camp last summer and had a good time. They really do spend almost the whole time drawing and painting pottery, so I recommend the camp if your children like art. Each week there is a field trip to a place where the campers make sketches for their pottery paintings. Jennifer

Feb 2008

Re: Full day art camp for elementary aged child
Brushstrokes Studio ( in Berkeley has a great art program for summer camp. The owner Jessica is truly gifted. Brushstrokes is a pottery painting studio, but the camps are varied and include things like mosaics (which I believe Jessica has won an award for a public mosaic work.) The space is amazing and they just expanded to the second floor. The upstairs can be rented out for parties. The staff is amazing for parties and camps. I brought my three- year-old there for a private party. I thought she might be a bit young. Anyone who has painted with a three-year-old knows the challenge and potential mess. The staff kept our area so clean that she was able to move from project to project without feeling overwhelmed. She painted three peices and was captivated for over an hour straight. They really do take care of all age groups. There is even a changing table and comfortable nursing chairs for mom's groups. tracy