Venue for kid's winter birthday party?

My daughter turns 7 in January, and I'm looking for a good venue to host a small birthday party. We are covid cautious, so in an ideal world, a covered, well-ventilated space would work great.  Any and all ideas very welcome, as we didn't host a party last year due to covid concerns, and would love to do something this year.

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I am eyeing Plank for my own winter bday party. 7 year olds love bowling and by Jan. I hope most of them are vaccinated. Parks with gazebo could be nice. Cragmont Rock Park in Berkeley, Sweeney Open space park in Alameda and Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek all have a gazebo. We're planning a small multi-family get-together in late Nov. at a park with a gazebo. We plan to have hand warmers and thermos with hot beverages. 

EBRPD has covered pavilions at North/South Ensenada at Quarry Lakes (Fremont) reservation info

I am a huge proponent of planning kids' parties at your own home, especially in winter. Even a small backyard works fine. It helps keep parties small, avoids weather drama, and saves money. If your daughter doesn't already have a favorite spot where it's obvious you should have it, why wrack your brain?

We just had our daughter's birthday party at Brushstrokes in Berkeley.  They can hold it outside, which is nice, although we ended up indoors as we were lucky enough to host during the atmosphereic river/bomb cyclone.  Fortunately, all our our guests are in the same classroom and are tested weekly so we were okay with that. The girls finished painting rather quickly so bring a game or some other diversion in case you need to kill time.  We ended up playing multiple rounds of telephone.

My kid also has a January birthday - we're going to celebrate as a family but save the friends party for summer and just celebrate half birthdays instead. Worth considering if you can't find a good venue for winter.