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April 2010

Re: Visual Art Camp for 8 year old
My kid is a teenager now and will always remember all the laughing that was shared and the creative energy of Art Yowza. (ARt Yowza is for children ages 5-11) I see the campers Art exhibits all around town in Alameda ( at the Starbucks at Park St., Starbucks at Alameda Towne Centre and The Blue Dot Cafe) so I see that the art work still has the same vibrancy and humor. Rebecca Stees is a gifted teacher and her day camps are a talent-nurturing place. I highly recommend this experience for your son. Louise

Art Yowza is a wonderful place for young artists. Rebecca has fun one week theme camps that appeal to both boys and girls. My grand-daughter(8)and our friend and neighbor's son have been going to Art Yowza for years and always look forward to their time there and learning something new. This year, Rebecca has added four new camps to the summer season (June 14-August 28) that focus on building skills. Young Designers, Art Tricks, Sculpture Wow and Cartooning Fun all look fun to us for 2010! Diana

Jan 2009

Re: Summer Art Camp for 5 year old
I've grown to love Art Yowza Camp through my daughter's involvement. Rebecca Stees is an excellent caring teacher. Her Summer Camps are perfect for young children. I just found out that Art Yowza now offers after-school classes and children's birthday parties. Her cute carriage house studio is adorable. For more information go to : Louise

Hi, Art Yowza rocks! The School Holiday Camps has been very convenient for me as a working mother. Rebecca is incredibly creative in her approach and it's been amazing to see what my child makes with new inspirations and support. It's also been fun to invite my child's friends to join her at camp. Art Yowza is in a lovely cottage setting with a beautiful yard. And it's overflowing with cool ideas and tons of art supplies. It' been an enriching and fun experience for our child. Contact Rebecca Stees at: Best wishes, Deirdre

ART YOWZA in Alameda has been a big hit with my granddaughter. She attended Rebecca Stees's ''Passion for Fashion'' this summer, and learned to drape fabric on a small wooden mannequin. Now, every day after school she comes home and creates fashion looks on her mannequin. Forget Barbie! She has been so creative with this that we featured her holiday masterpiece on our family Christmas card this year. Rebecca has the unique ability to ''pull' art out of virtually anyone, and they have a blast doing it. Check out her website at Highly recommended! There are camps for many areas of interest. simonsays

July 2007

Re: Camp for one week August 20-24
Art Yowza! in Alameda offers camp by the week or even day. Rebecca Stees' studio is a small art camp for kids. My daughter (8) is looking forward to returning this summer. Betsy

February 2006

Re: Spring Break Camp for 5yo in Oakland
I can highly recommend a fun and dynamic CREATIVE ART day camp in the Gold Coast section of Alameda. Rebecca Stees is the professional artist and and art teacher with the schools. She runs the camp out of her carriage house. The kids love it, and their works have been displayed on her web site and to everyone' delight, at Starbucks. Rebecca is a very kind soul, very loving and an excellent guide into one's own artist, especially for kids. Tell her I sent you! I am one of her students, too, as she also has occasional adult classes. Check out her web site, Her phone number is 510-521-2671. Your boy will have fun!
Camps have to be excellent!