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  • Hi- is anyone aware of a summer camp for elementary school kiddos Memorial Day week, May 27-31? In prior year’s, Steve and Kate’s opened up that week but they aren’t starting until mid June this year.

    I’m also looking for drop in camps June 3&4. 

    Thanks for the help!

    The only two I found for Memorial Day week are:

    Future Stars Baseball Camp (only recommended if your kids are pretty into baseball) 

    Museum of Children's Art camp, which my kid attended last year and really liked AND there is free parking available for drop off and pickup which felt very luxurious

    I am not sure about any drop-in camps for the first week of June

    Axe Oakland has a Capoeira summer camp, you can sign up for that week.

  • October Holiday Camps

    Aug 27, 2023

    Are there any organizations that offer day camp in October for Berkeley school breaks (Oct 9 and 27)?

    You should check out Head over Heels in Emeryville. They offer day camps for school breaks but I'm not sure which school system it's based on. But, I think if there's enough kids they can organize a camp for a specific day. 

    Rebound Basketball is offering half day and full day basketball camp for all genders at Live Oak Park. Register through Berkeley City Rec. We’ve done them ages 5-8 - great fun, good coaching.

  • Camp - Memorial Day week?

    Mar 26, 2023

    Has anyone found a camp for the week of Memorial Day (Tuesday, May 30 - Fri, June 2)?

    OUSD schools end the Thursday before Memorial Day and so far, I haven’t been able to find any summer camps that start earlier than June 5. If anyone had recommendations or leads, that would be appreciated!

    Steve & Kates is the only camp I could find that is open that first week of summer break. 

    Steve and Kate's camp is open that week and is great!! They're at Montclair Elementary this year. You can purchase single days, which is great for those 4 day weeks.

  • We're located in Montclair and we're looking for options (camps/etc) for our two kids, ages 2.5 and 5, for Thanksgiving and Winter breaks. Their schools are closed but us parents still need to work. Any options? TIA!

    For your older child, Head over Heels gymnastics camp in Emeryville might be a good option! My 4 year old son did a summer camp there and loved it and he’ll be going back for their winter break camp. Unfortunately I don’t think they have camps for 2 year olds though.

    We live in Montclair and in the past put our kid in Piedmont Rec Department, Trackers, Mocha and Monkey Business (at Berkwood Hedge School in Berkeley).  Monkey Business was terrific and worth the drive.  Piedmont was pretty close to home and offer camps during Thanksgiving and Winter break.  Trackers is far but all outside and my kid loved it.  Pretty sure these camps don't take 2 year olds :/

  • Does anyone know of camps for winter break for six-year-olds in Oakland and Berkeley area?

    My kiddo (8) has been going to Monkey Business Camp ( for a few years now, both for the summer sessions and the Thanksgiving/Winter/Spring breaks and she LOVES it. The counselors are warm and welcoming and they handle the protocols for covid really well. MBC has been our go to for school breaks since my kid was in TK, and likely will be until she ages out! 

    I strongly recommend checking out Monkey Business Camp because they have programs for school breaks and they are terrific. Lots of games, songs, creative play, art & sport activities with a really nice set of counselors and leaders. My son, Zach, attended for many years and then became a camp leader and has loved all of his time at Monkey Business both as a camper and a youth camp counselor. It has a really welcoming atmosphere and the kids seem engaged and excited to be there, participating in all kinds of fun activities. Here's the link:

    We signed our son up for Trackers ( for thanksgiving and part of winter camp. We did their summer camp last year and our kid loved it! It is in El Cerrito, so it's a bit of a drive, but it's worth it for a short time. In the before times they had a bus from central Berkeley, and I'm hoping those will return someday! They spend all day outside having a great time and learning some great outdoor skills. It's also really flexible, you can sign up for individual days depending on your childcare needs.

    We love Trackers in Berkeley!  Great camp if your kiddo likes the outdoors.  

  • April Spring Break Camps

    Feb 25, 2021

    We're looking for an outdoor spring break camp for a 5th grader in April.  We can't seem to find very many options.  Does anyone have suggestions?  

    Sienna Ranch in Walnut Creek has spots!  It's a wonderful place though it may be a bit far from where you're located.  

  • Hello there. I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for good Spring Break camps for little kids in the 5-6 y.o. range? I see a lot of options on Yelp and have queried my kindergarten email group, but I thought the expertise on this site would be unsurpassed. Thank you!!

    My son attended Monkey Business Camp for spring break when he was 5 and loved it. It was a great introduction to the camp experience, not too big a group, fun activities, really positive overall.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Winter Break Camps for 4 & 6 y.o.s

Nov 2014

I'm interested in winter break camps (particularly for that loooong week after Christmas) that my 4 & 6 year olds can attend together and be in the same section/class. I would prefer the area between Berkeley and Richmond. Thanks!

The City of El Cerrito offers camps during the holiday break. Usually kids need to be in at least K, but you could call and see if they will let a 4yr old little sib attend too. See their Dept of Rec page at: EC camper mom

Check out the new play space and sensory gym in Berkeley (off Ashby on 7th) called We Rock the Spectrum. It's awesome! They have day camps for all children with activities your child will love. They are fairly new (although its a franchise, the rest are in Southern CA) so I didn't see details for their camps up on their website but I know they have them- just call them.

I highly recommend Monkey Business Camp for Winter Camp! Monkey Business is a safe, warm, fun and positive environment with a caring and diverse counseling staff. They are always professional, but really emphasize fun and silliness. They truly cater to the individual camper by allowing them to set their own pace and choose from a nice range of activities, from low key options like arts and crafts to high energy games like Monkey Ball and Medic! They operate out of Berkwood Hedge School in Berkeley for the winter session. My older son has attended since he was five and this past summer was his first as a counselor. My youngest son is attending for the second year and loves it! Their website is: Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Teresa

Spring break camp (3/25-3/29) for 4 year old

Feb 2013

My son's pre-school will be closed the last week of March, and I am looking for a fun, nurturing camp for the week. I actually only need three days, but three full days. I'd love some recs! Thanks

I've sent my 4 year old (now 6) to Sarah's Science spring break camp and he loved it! (We'll be back again this year.) Officially, they advertise that it's 5+ but they do accept 4 year olds as long as they are potty trained and can spend a full day away from home. If your son is comfortable in a full day preschool setting, then he'll probably do fine at Sarah's Science.

It's a full day program (8-5:30) filled with science, arts and crafts, and playtime. It's all hands-on and actually works great for pre-readers. The staff are warm and nurturing. Most of them have been with the company for several years and are aspiring teachers.

This year, the camp wil be held March 25-29 in Oakland and April 1-5 in Berkeley. You can sign up for individual days or the whole week. Two snacks are provided during the day. You just have to pack a lunch.

More info here: or call (510) 581-3739. Preschool Camp Mom

2010 - 2012 Recommendations

Preschool Day Camps: Veteran's Day/Thanksgiving?

Nov 2011

Wondering if there are any ''schools out'' day camps avaialable for a FOUR year old-- most that I have seen are of ages 5 and up. My not-yet-in-kindergarten 4-year-old needs care on Veterans Day and also November 21 and 22. Does anyone know of a good drop-in camp option? Working single mama

I'm also a working single mama and understand the challenges. Your post didn't say what city you are in though. I had good experiences with La Petite Academy . They have several locations around the bay area. My daughter attended two locations - Martinez and Concord. Depending upon availability, there is usually drop-in care. Earlier reservations are usually better. Maya J

Feb break in Albany for 14-year-old

Feb 2011

Albany schools are on break the week of Feb. 21. Does anyone have a list of camps or organized activities to keep a 14-yr old stimulated? Thanks! Laura

The Albany Bowl had leagues for teens that my child did and enjoyed. It is near the EC Plaza Bart.Yoga Kula in Berkeley (closest to downtown Berkeley Bart) has lots of classes and my other child and several of her friends used to go there. It was a good work out and relaxing at the same time. The Albany Y near Solano and San Pablo has a fitness center and many classes. Ellen

February break camps?

Jan 2011

Hi, My child's school is closed this Feb 21-25. Does anyone know of any camps available other than Monkey Business? Thanks, Diane

Skye Valley Training in Castro Valley is likely running a horse camp during the week of February 21st. My children have thoroughly enjoyed Skye Valley's camps over the years; the horses are lovely and the camps are very well run with safety as a top priority for the young riders. Contact Jaimi Martin at jaimimartin [at] or 925-858-8825 for more information. The website for general camp information is

I am not sure where you live, but the Hilltop YMCA in Richmond is offering a February Break Camp Here is the link: DC

Aurora School runs camps during its breaks that are open to children at all schools. This will include Feb. Break. More information should be on the website or by calling Josh Johnson at Aurora 428-2606.

Brushstrokes has a week-long camp during President's Week! It's a great program, now in it's 15th year, with great teachers and a beautiful, safe, environment. Jessica

2007 - 2009 Recommendations

April vacation programs for 6 y.o. 1/2 or full day?

March 2009

Do you know of 1/2 day or full-day vacation programs for kg/1st grade in or near Berkeley for vacation week April 6-10? Our interests include art, sports, science. monika

Sarah's Science does great programs for all the breaks, this spring week they're doing Redwoods every day and I think that's full-day. The science and the staff are incredible there.

the JCC costs less per day and they usually run activities there, like games and crafts and outdoor play at their site and then they do a field trip for part of the time as well. At winter it was ice skating one day, the Jungle another, the zoo another, Jelly Belly factory, etc. berkeley mom

I highly recommend Monkey Business camp for the April 6-10 break. A link to their website is posted below. This is a very fun camp with warm counselors and lots of attention to each individual child. My 5 year old son enjoyed it so much, he wanted to go an extra day. We tend to be overscheduled with classes so he had so much fun playing and learnign how to make friends in a supportive atmosphere.
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Winter Camp that runs through the 4th of Jan

Nov 2007

My 5 year old daughter attends a school where they do not return back to school until the 7th of January. I was wondering if there are any camps that are #1 available for a girl that young and #2 a camp that is going on until the 4th of January? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
1st Time Camp Hunter

The 3 camps we were considering for our 5 y.o. for that week are Glitter and Razz, Sarah's Science and Monkey Business. We decided on Glitter and Razz. He's done it before and we loved it. Debbie

Hi, I had the same issue with my son (during the summer). He really didn't like his pre-school and I wanted to give him a break over the summer. I spoke with Sarah, of Sarah Science, and she said that if I thought he was ready, he was welcome. Her website says that their winter camp (at a church on Lake Merritt) says they'll take 5-12. Not inexpensive, but the kids are happy.

Because OUSD doesn't start until after the first week of January, I bet there are many camps open. MOCHA also comes to mind to check. The most important thing for my son has been to find a friend to go with him to a new camp. Good luck.

The City of El Cerrito recreation dept has winter camp for K-6 graders. -- a mom

Aurora School in Oakland has camp 12/26-12/28 and 1/2-1/4. Care available 7:30-6 and is $40/day or $110/week. The theme is Winter Wonderland and the kids will play winter games, do winter crafts, and learn about the Arctic and Antarctic. Contact heidi [at] or 428-2606 ext. 208.

Monkey Business Camp hosts Winter Camp for 8 days at Berkwood Hedge School in Downtown Berkeley. Ages 4.5-15 (split into 2 age appropriate groups). Theme-based activities -- indoors and out: Daily registrations accepted. 8:30-3:30 with Optional Extended Care from 7:30-8:30am and 3:30-6:00pm Monkey Business Camp also hosts their well-known GIRLS ON THE GO! field-trip camp Jan 2, 3, & 4 from 8:30-6:00pm. For girls ages 9-13. Check out NUMEROUS Parents' reviews are posted on our website. Check them out for yourself!

Winter break camp for two boys in Oakland

Oct 2007

Any recommendations on a Winter Break Camp for my two boys ages 8 & 9 I am seeking a location in the Oakland area. Let me know. Thanks, Gloria

My summer camp website ( ) lists quite a few day camps that also run a winter camp. Just look for the ''WC'' in the listings. Tom Lent

See Sarah's science camps ( for the Inventor's Workshop during Winter Break. We've taken a spring break camp from her and were very impressed - adults working there and really novel projects. The other bonus is that you can do single days and don't have to do full weeks and they have Oakland and Berkeley locations. Anon

Thanksgiving week camp for 7 year old

Oct 2007

Our elementary school is closed the whole week of Thanksgiving. How can I find a camp from 9-3ish on M-W, or on single days, for a 7 year-old? Anon

Adventure Time - Contact them to see which campus they will hold their Thanksgiving break camp at. Loves AT

East Bay Dance Center in Oakland's Glenview District is perfect. It's about $40 day a little more for before and after care. The before and care is a little like ''child care'' to be fair - however the majority of the day is hip-hop, ballet, jazz, tap and tumbling / acrobatics. And it's FUN. My 8 year old has been going for three years and loves it. Begs to go. Donmt worry if you donmt have the tap or ballet shoes, Bonniems got kem for kids to use. Bonnie is the owner and main instructor - classes fill up fast. East Bay Dance Center Fan

2004 - 2006 Recommendations

Spring Break Camp for 9 year olds

Feb 2006

Does any have recommendations for spring break camps for April 17-21,2006? My kids are 9 years old. Thanks. Krista

You can check the following webpage (the Berkeley Richmond JCC) or They will post information regarding spring camp in early March. In the meanwhile, you can check summer camp 2006 and see what they did for winter camp (It will have the same structure and same prices). Elena

Spring Break Camp for 5yo in Oakland

Feb 2006

I am looking for recommendations for (all) day camp for my five year old for Spring Break, 4/17-4/21. Preferably in Oakland. Any suggestions? Thanks. Elizabeth