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  • Sienna Ranch was previously known as Deer Hill Ranch

Sienna Ranch connects Bay Area youth to nature through compelling outdoor programs to cultivate a more compassionate and environmentally aware future. We are a family-owned business that offers kids age 4-14 outdoor education programs year round.

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Sienna Ranch in Walnut Creek has spots!  It's a wonderful place though it may be a bit far from where you're located.  


My kids have done Sienna Ranch camps and I highly recommend them. The staff are wonderful and they get a lot of hands time working with the farm animals and in the garden. They also have a horse focused camp among many other specialty camps. 


If you're willing to go through the tunnel (and can do a pricier camp), Sienna Ranch runs farm camps that are supposed to be great. Fairyland's camps have a little animal interaction (but it's not a focus). The Oakland SPCA also runs a camp focused more on pets and pet care.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Sept 2014

RE: One-day school options for homeschoolers?

Sienna Ranch in Lafayette offers a variety of nature based,outdoor programs for kids 3-14. They have several classes that are specifically for homeschoolers that run from 9:00-1:00ish. You can choose 1 day or more. The teachers are great and the location is serene (and surprisingly just off the freeway in Lafayette). My son has attended their summer camps for several years and Sienna Ranch is his favorite camp by far.It's a magical place. Check them out at Emily

Sept 2013

RE: Archery for 8 year old

Sienna Ranch in Lafayette has many archery classes. Archery fan


Jan 2012

RE: Birthday party at a farm for 12-year-old

Deer Hill Ranch has new owners and is now called Sienna Ranch -- they still have parties. website:

Deer Hill Ranch is now Sienna Ranch and they still do birthday parties and also run some great classes and camps. They have all kinds of farm animals and I think they offer pretty much the same programs as Deer Hill did. Great place! TC