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Archery for 8 year old

Sept 2013

My 8-year old daughter fell in love with archery at camp this summer and asked if she could continue. Are there ways to continue outside of camp and/or school? Are there ongoing classes or groups that do this? any advice welcome. Thanks! Sofia

There is an archery range at a Briones Park off Bear Valley Road(?). I don't know if any clubs meet there. The Chabot Archery Range near the Chabot Science Center has club members offer free lessons. I would check there first. cocosar41 [at]

You might try Michael Lang's drop in archery on Sunday mornings, I think from about 9 on, at La Loma/Glendale park. He is a careful teacher and helps students progress. It's $15 and my son often goes for an hour or two. I think he wraps up at 1:00. He provides targets and all gear. I believe Trackers after school program offers archery as part of its programs as well. archer mom

Our neighbors' kids told us that they do archery at Roberts Park, so I did a quick search for you. If you go to you can find out different archery options, including courses (for 8 and up) and park locations where you and your child an practice archery. enjoy! Kirstin the Librarian

Sienna Ranch in Lafayette has many archery classes. Archery fan

Looking for Archery Summer camp

May 2013

In search of a local day camp that teaches archery. I have a 10y/o very interested in learning the art.

Adventure Day Camp in Walnut Creek offers archery as one of their programs. It is not intensive archery, but part of their very well rounded program (which has swimming, boating, a camping overnight, crafts, horseback riding and and and). If you live on the Oakland/Berkeley side of the hill, they also offer bus service to get your child to/from camp every day. My boys LOVE Adventure Day Camp...I hope you find a camp your son loves too! My oldest fell in love with archery last summer when he learned it there. A huge fan of ADC

Blue Camp at the UC Berkeley campus has archery as one of its choices. It's a great camp that my boys have loved for years.

Archery for 6 year old

August 2009

I am planning to buy a bow and arrow set for my six year old son and was wondering if anybody could recommend a good archery class in the East Bay for young kids (dad not so good a teacher). Also, are there good archery ranges in the area? Paul

Michael Lang has been conducting archery classes in Berkeley for the last 15 years. He has classes once a week at La Loma Park, a beautiful setting. Classes are small with lots of individual attention for the students. He is a gifted teacher. The fee is reasonable. My son took archery classes from MIchael some years ago (he still ''draws the bow'') and I teach in Berkeley and I've had students who have taken his classes as well. I highly recommend Michael's classes. Michael Lang: 841-7749 straka

June 2009

Does anyone know any archery classes given /practice range available in the BayArea? More for casual entertainment rather than competition format. Bow/Arrow

Check out the archery range next to Chabot Space Center. kl

There is an archery range in Redwood Park in Oakland, right next to Chabot Space and Science Center. Laura

Call Michael Lang 510 841-7749 Archery at LaLoma Park in berkeley hourly 9 am to 1 pm all summer. Relaxed positive atmosphere. Anon

There are two great public ranges in the East Bay. One in Redwood park right next to the Chabot space center. Here is the link: The other is at Briones park, you have to hike in 3/4 of a mile or so to this one. Both have clubs that offer lessons I think. Both have simple field ranges then beautiful walk around courses with targets at various distances. Think of golf with pointy sticks, very pretty. Good luck and have fun. Gary

Michael Lang teaches archery on Sunday mornings from 9 am to 1 pm in a local park in the Berkeley HIlls. Michael is an excellent teacher, the cost is extremely reasonable, and the setting is gorgeous. He has all the implements (bows, arrows, targets, etc). He can be reached at 841-7749. Michelle

March 2008

I'm looking for camps or classes in archery for a 10-year-old boy in or around berkeley. Any leads welcome. Jeanne

There are several places in the bay area that have archery classes or where you can find archery ranges. you might try The Bow Rack in Richmond, Chabot Archery Range in the Oakland hills or the Strawberry Canyon Archery Range (?) off of Skyline Blvd (?) to find out if they have classes for children. Good luck. Andrea B.

The Cal Strawberry Canyon camps have archery. See Youth Programs.

2004 - 2007 Recommendations

2003 & Earlier

Oct 1999

Archery: club? I don't know, but I do know a wonderful teacher, Michael Lang who teaches archery in beautiful settings, in a small park in the Berkeley hills. He offers 6 weeks classes, and the new session starts this week-end, January 8th. You can even arrange with Michael to have a birthday party for your child, archery lessons included. Michaels phone: 841-7749 Enjoy! Lilianna

Michael Lang is offering archery instruction (the fine art of drawing bow) at La Loma Park on Saturdays and Sundays -- and a new 6-week session begins this weekend, Sept 6/7. My son studied with him and enjoyed it; I observed and judge his approach as extraordinarily well thought out, gentle and careful and, in a word, inspiring. I think he's a gifted teacher. We first ran into him at the East Bay School of the Arts Summer Camp, and I know he's taught at the summer camps at Strawberry Canyon. Classes are at 9 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m., or noon, on either Saturday or Sunday. He asks that any interested person call him at 841-7749 to check on the availability of space. I wouldn't recommend this for children younger than 6, and some 6 year olds obviously wouldn't be ready, but talk to Michael about it if you think your child wants to try this. There are also adults in these classes.


Dec 1998

When I was doing archery on a semi-regular basis, I used to go to The Bow Rack , 1058 Broadway, in San Pablo. I just called them to make sure they were still in business, which they are. Their holiday hours are: M-F 10-9, Sat and Sun 10-5 (they may be closed on Sundays after X-mas). They have a great selection of equipment, as well as an indoor target range.

Another archery resource in the Bay Area is the Redwood Bowmen Range , which is in the Oakland Hills above Montclair. It's an outdoor range (so not so attractive at this season) run by an archery club. They used to have public hours one Sunday afternoon a month, as well as evening hours during the summer. My phone book lists their address and phone as 10900 Skyline Blvd, 530-0400. I'd call for current hours. Have fun! Dawn