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Inquiry-based science support for homeschooler Sep 28, 2018 (2 responses below)
home school teen friendships Aug 26, 2018 (2 responses below)
Any homeschoolers here? Our six year old needs playmates. Aug 17, 2018 (2 responses below)
Homeschool enrichment classes near Walnut Creek? Orinda? Jul 31, 2018 (1 responses below)
  • Hello, I am looking for recommendations for a hands-on elementary grade science enrichment program or tutors for a homeschooling family. Thank you.

    Look at the GEMS (Great Explorations in Math and Science) guides published by Lawrence Hall of Science. Lots of hands-on experiments that only require things that you either have at home or can purchase for very little money at the grocery, drug or home improvement store. No really specialized equipment needed.

    Sience mom

    Hi Lucky,

    The Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley offers lots of great workshops for homeschool students. From engineering to environmental and forensic science, you can learn more about this year’s homeschool series here:


  • home school teen friendships

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    My 9th grade son needs to make more friends. We are looking for fun ways he can spend more time with other teens. (He spends too much time on the computer.)  We live in Kensington and he  has free time on Friday mornings and weekends.  He enjoys doing many things, including rock climbing, mountain biking, flying kites, tossing the frisbee, drawing, and ceramics (on the potter's wheel).  We would appreciate any suggestions....


    RE: home school teen friendships ()

    I"m assuming your son is homeschooled.  There's Bridges down the hill next to the Pacific East West mall in Richmond for rock climbing.  You can contact the El Cerrito HS mountain bike team or the Richmond Composite HS team to see if he's eligible.  He's not in Richmond but he is in WCCUSD, so he might be OK.  Great kids, great adults.  He can do Rich City Rides ride outs on Sunday.  Some of them are more for little kids, but there's a big mix of people, especially on the long rides.  My middle school kid goes on those and to Dirt World with his BMX bike. 

    RE: home school teen friendships ()

    Hi there!

    If your son is ever free on Thursday afternoons he might want to come meet the small group of teens who come to the Alameda Oakland Home Learners park days (check the calendar page on for locations).  My kids also really like the Oakland Ultimate and Bay Area Disc Ultimate Frisbee programs which should be starting up soon on weekends.  It's a really welcoming sport.  Hope to meet you!


  • We are homeschooling our son and he needs more peer interaction. He is six but ahead for his age. He loves complex board games and programming, but also plays soccer and like playgrounds. If you have a child who wants a playmate, please get in touch. We are in Berkeley now, but likely moving to Oakland in September. We are flexible in terms of location.

    My homeschooled kids have met friends through Trackers Bay classes. Sticky Art Lab also has homeschool classes with kids you son's age. 

    There are home school classes during the day at Lawrence Hall of Science and probably other places.  Also google around because around 10 years ago there were yahoo groups that would have activities for homeschoolers.  Like once we went to the DeYoung and met about 20 other homeschoolers and got a tour, playdates at parks and Live Action Role Playing, etc.  Hickman Charter also if you are interested, in Oakland, but call soon.  They used to have Wed classes for their homeschoolers.

  • Hi all, wanting to know what’s out there besides what I can find through my charter. Ideas?

    I have 3 Elementary aged kids and I’d like two days/week max.


    I recommend in Walnut Creek, Lainie’s learning lane/core academy for this. They have specific for homeschooling

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One-day school options for homeschoolers?

Sept 2014

Looking for a one day per week program for my homeschooled kids (elementary age) which will allow them to socialize and have some group-learning experience. So far I know about Hickman and Quantum Campus. Anything else out there? Any private schools or afterschool programs offering hybrid homeschool programs? HomeschoolMom

Lawrence Hall of Science used to have classes for homeschoolers I think held during the school day. Maybe they still do. anon

Sienna Ranch in Lafayette offers a variety of nature based,outdoor programs for kids 3-14. They have several classes that are specifically for homeschoolers that run from 9:00-1:00ish. You can choose 1 day or more. The teachers are great and the location is serene (and surprisingly just off the freeway in Lafayette). My son has attended their summer camps for several years and Sienna Ranch is his favorite camp by far.It's a magical place. Check them out at Emily