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April 2004

We are considering sending our son to one of the Kaleidoscope summer camps at the Julia Morgan Center. I'd appreciate hearing feedback from people who have experience with them..particularly the camps for PreK and K kids. Thank you.

My son did a kaleidescope camp over Christmas break. I thought the staff was exceptional, and he absolutely loved it. Fran

Both my 7- and 5-year-old have attended Kaleidoscope camps (the pre-k/k camp is actually called Rainbow Camp). They've gone to the week-long camps in December and during spring break, and loved them. The teachers are excellent, the kids participate in a nice range of activities, including visual arts, creative dance, and developing a short story to act out, based on a children's book (the big kids develop the story themselves). They have outside playtime, and there's an opportunity to come see them ''show the work'' on the last day. It's very stimulating and the kids very much feel able to work from their strengths, at the same time that they are learning new things about theater and performance. We really like it. happy julia morgan experience

My kids have really enjoyed classes and camps at Julia Morgan. I think what I like best is that there is a lot of freedom for them to express themselves. The teachers and counselors all seem caring and enthusiastic. Plus there's a show at the end of each session, which is really fun. heather

April 2003

I am looking for feed back on Fairyland, Kaleidoscope and Mocha Summer Camps. This would be for a 5 year old girl. All the usual questions; care and nurturing of the children, is it safe and fun, did the kids like it, the pros and cons of the camp. I did check the archives, but the posts are either outdated or nonexistent. Getting some real feed back certainly will help in the decision making process. Thanks for your information and help. a first time summer camp mom

My daughter tried Kaleidoscope during spring break at age 4 (two years ago), and didn't seem to like it very much -- many of the kids were already friends with each other from the preschool and the teachers didn't seem to do much to help integrate her with the group. The projects they made were interesting but the choices were limited (I believe each day they could only work with one or two colors). The perfomance was well done. I don't know if the staff is still the same, but I might talk to them about how they work with kids who don't attend other programs at Kaleidoscope. Carol

March 2003

Re: Spring break camp for 10-year-old boy
The Julia Morgan Center for the Arts (2640 College Ave. in Berkeley) offers two fun and imaginative Kaleidoscope Spring Break Performing Arts Camps. The 1-week sessions are offered April 7-11 and April 14-18. Each camp offers challenging classes in acting, movement, voice and physical theater followed by an afternoon Performing Arts Workshop where students create their own play. The final hour of each day is devoted to a Special Guest Artist workshop where students deeply explore a single theatrical focus. Camp 1 Artist Workshop: Improvisational Theater, Camp 2: Stage Combat. Each camp runs Monday-Friday 9am- 4:30pm, pick up until 5pm. Call Melissa @ (510) 845-8542 x301 for information and to register. O.K. I work there, but I think this would be a great experience for your child! Beth