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April 2016

RE:  One-week camp for a 5-year-old?

I recommend Adventure Time, which is an after-school program at several Oakland public schools during the school year. You don't have to be enrolled in with them during the school year to be able to enroll for their summer programs. I know they are offering summer camps at Montclair Elementary and at Roberts Park. I also recommend the Cal Explorer Camp up at Strawberry canyon. Outdoors, very active program, includes swim lessons and the 5 and 6 year olds are separated from the older kids (older kids at Golden Bear Center at the top of Dwight Way). summer camper

April 2009

Hello, Has anyone ever tried Adventure Time Summer Day camp or know someone who has? I have a nine year old daughter that I would like to send for a couple of weeks. I have their 2009 brochure and what's being offered sounds interesting, but sometimes that can be deceiving. The camp location is at Kaiser Elementary and the Explorers Group is located at Roberts Park, both in Oakland. Susan Sung is the Director. (Please do not confuse this camp with Adventure Camp that's located in Walnut Creek.) Any feedback provided is appreciated. Thank you. Cheryl

My son, now 8, has done Adventure Time at Roberts Park for at least a few weeks in each of the last 3 summers (this includes 3 days at Roberts Park and 2 at Montclair Elementary). He has liked it quite a bit. They can participate in daily hikes, weekly swimming, picnics, and just hanging around playing games under the trees, or digging in the old volleyball courts. They also have occasional field trips from the Montclair location.

My son loves the laid-back, unstructured nature of the camp, and being able to play outdoors all day long. He appreciates not having to do specific activities and learn things all the time. He loves going swimming too. The thing I think I like the best about AT in general (it's also our school's afterschool program) is the lack of staff turnover. Several of my favorite staff members have been there all 3 years, and show no sign of leaving. Karen

My son attended AT last summer for a few days at a time here and there where we needed some holes filled (like before and after vacations, etc) but never for a whole week at a time. He enjoyed the part at Roberts Park and the one field trip he went on with them, but didn't love being at a school's multipurpose room (it was in Montclair last year.) It is extremely affordable and the counselors/teachers/caregivers are really great. He likes true day camps much better, but never had a terrible time at AT -- just not super exciting times. Some AT in summer seems okay.

My kids attend Adventure Time afterschool care program at Chabot and love it. However, they have not been so keen on the summer program. Their complaints aren't very specific: ''it's boring'' is the usual one.

I think one of the problems is they have to stop and take roll several times a day - the one thing that makes it very parent friendly is that they don't have an official start or finish time - you can take your kid there from 8 to 2 one day and 11 to 6 the next. As a result, they do have to keep track of everyone. Parents appreciate/expect it, kids hate it. It was hard on my son when he was younger and had more issues with attention, keeping quiet, etc. To help the role taking go as quickly as possible, they do try all kinds of tricks and incentives, but my son got in trouble often.

But, as a parent, I like all the staff, and adore the ones I've gotten to know over the years. I think they make a great effort to provide interesting activities and variety to the day. I also like their flexibility and their hourly rates. Mom of Two

April 2009

I'm starting to plan for my daughter's summer and was interested in feedback on the Adventure Time summer program. She's finishing Kindergarten and goes to a school with afterschool AT that we don't use, and she's always asking when she'll get to do AT. The price and 3-4 day per week options are appealing. But how does it compare to the snazzier camps like Galileo and Monkey Business in terms of keeping kids constructively occupied? I've read the reviews and know the latter two are great but they're also pricey, especially if we don't really need all 5 days.
summertime, and the livin' ain't easy

Right before kindergarten we sent our daughter to Adventure Time Camp for one month. The first week was rough because she did not know anyone and the counselors were wonderful. The second week she had a great time. But make no mistake about it, Adventure Time is affordable child care. It is not enrichment camp. It is not activity based camp. It is affordable child care for working parents.
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Editor note: see Summer camp for daughter just finishing kindergarten for additional suggestions.

Oct 2007

Re: Thanksgiving week camp for 7 year old
Adventure Time - Contact them to see which campus they will hold their Thanksgiving break camp at. Loves AT