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  • Adventure time Hillcrest

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    We will be enrolling at Hillcrest (hopefully) next year. I’m trying to do some planning on after school care but can’t find the costs for AT at Hillcrest. Can anyone provide some insight for me? Thank you!

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    Contact information and an explanation are available on the Adventure Time website. Briefly - you pay by the hour, with a minimum of 5 hours per week.  You must specify ahead of time which hours you plan to attend. The rate is about $8 per hour per child. You pay regardless of whether your child attends or not. You can also pay for additional "drop in" hours at a higher rate (about $11/hour). It is an excellent value and my kids love going to Adventure Time, where they can hang out with their friends. Make sure you turn in your application very quickly, ideally within 12-24 hours of receiving it in the spring, to guarantee your spot!

  • My child is a student at Chabot Elementary in Oakland, and she has gone to Adventure Time's afterschool care for a few years now. This year, she is having a tough time at AT, and I'm wondering what AT is like at other schools in Oakland.

    For comparison, I can tell you that at Chabot this year, I've noticed that I regularly see new faces supervising the kids on the yard (high employee turnover?), and there have been multiple occasions of many employees calling in sick at once, and the entire program has to adjust. My daughter often does not know the names of the caregivers at AT. I NEVER do, and they never have any idea who I am. In years past, there were a few stalwarts who seemed to know every kid by name, but this year, they're all gone. According to my daughter, AT consists of a 20-minute period where everyone has to sit still and stay absolutely silent while one person checks all the kids in (We are talking about a lot of kids - this is total misery for my daughter and her friends, who are really ready to run around and play and talk after the school day ends), followed by totally unstructured free play time. We are fans of free play time, but this year my daughter has had the experience of not connecting to the adults around her at all. There have been a few occasions where something happened that my daughter would ordinarily have gotten help from an adult with (conflicts with other kids, etc.), but she did not, because she doesn't feel comfortable turning to any of the adults at AT, because they are all basically strangers to her. 

    I can't figure out if this state of affairs is just "normal" for AT, or if it is somehow unique to Chabot. If your child goes to one of the schools where AT runs your aftercare, can you share with me what it's like? (Or, frankly, if your kid is at Chabot and you are having a different experience or have any insight into what the heck is going on, I'd love to hear from you too.) Thanks, BPN.

    hi - my child is in kindergarten at Kaiser and our Adventure Time experience has been great. The staffing is consistant (a little turn over), there are low staff to student ratios, most staff know me, and they all know my child. The staff seem pretty involved in leading activities for the kids both outside and inside.  Over all, I think that the Kaiser program is smaller, proportionally to the school size, than some other AT programs which helps with the good ratios and the connections b/t staff and students.

    Kaiser AT parent

    My kids go to AT at kaiser and they love it. It is very different from how you describe chabot.

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Experience with Adventure Time at Oakland Public Schools?

March 2015

Does anyone have experience with the Afterschool care called AdventureTime? They are at the following schools in Oakland: Chabot, Crocker Highlands, Glenview, Hillcrest, Joaquin Miller, Kaiser, Montclair, Thornhill elementary schools What is your experience? How is the transition from school to afterschool. What are the classes like? Do you feel costs are too high or reasonable? Would love to hear both positive or neg. feedback.

I'm a bit confused by your question as it doesn't inquire about any specific AdventureTime site, but all of them in Oakland - they have more than 30 throughout the Bay Area. If you'll be going to one of those schools, perhaps it would make sense to ask about that school's AT program; there are likely to be differences among them.

Also, it is no longer correct that AT is at Joaquin Miller; they left last year and have been replaced by a different after-school program. The new program at JM, now at the beginning of its third session and still having plenty of room for improvement, is called Kids Club ... (see Kids Club at Joaquin Miller for the full review)  ...
This may not be answering your question directly, but if what you were asking is whether there's anything interesting going on in after school care programs among the hill schools, there certainly is at Joaquin Miller, and it's not AdventureTime. We strongly recommend that all parents at hill schools who read this recognize that there's a marketplace out there of after-school providers and encourage your PTA and/or principal to look into it. AT has been entrenched for so long that they just seem to be a part of the schools. In fact, there are far better choices for the same money or equivalent providers for approximately 1/2 the money. One way is much better for the kids, the other creates more equity. Either way, it's better. happily transitioned after-school program parent

I saw the one reply you got and felt compelled to respond, because I have a slightly different perspective on Adventure Time. My oldest is in Kindergarten at Chabot this year. She is not enrolled in Adventure Time, but I do pick her up three days a week, and we almost always stay at school, while she and her little brother play on the yard with the AT kids. So I have spent a good 5ish hours a week just hanging out in the playground observing AT this year. Here is what's great about it, from my admittedly limited view: it seems to be one of the only times kids in our city/culture can reliably have child-directed playtime. Not a play date. Not an enrichment activity. Just play. The counselors are there and appear to be making sure everything is OK outside, while I am under the impression that indoors the kids have the option to participate in more structured activities. But at Chabot, after snack time is over, the vast majority of the kids are outside just playing. And the counselors just stand by and observe unless the kids engage them. They don't really butt in to what the kids are doing unless someone's doing something wrong. So all the kids get to do whatever the heck they feel like doing. They're figuring out friendships, making up fantasy worlds, playing basketball, WHATEVER.

This is SO RARE nowadays. I mean, even during the school day, they only get 15 min of recess and a little more after lunch. And the dynamic that I grew up with - being free to roam around with neighborhood kids after school - doesn't exist anymore either. I'd be glad to let my kids do that, but everyone in our neighborhood has parents who both work every day, so they're in aftercare until 5 or 6. Or their parents just don't feel comfortable letting them run around outside without very close supervision.

So... if you value free play for your child, AT may be one of a very few ways to get it. I have no idea if other schools are like Chabot. And I can't comment on anything beyond just having observed life on the schoolyard for hours and hours. But as someone who wants my kids to have the fun of making up some of their own games and the freedom to navigate relationships without constant adult intervention, I will be signing up my daughter for AT next year. Kids need to play!

July 1996

Check out Adventuretime. They are located at most of the public schools in Oakland, San Leandro and I think Berkeley. They are my standby for weeks when school isn't in session. The business office is located in Berkeley. I know they have openings. They have several locations throughout the eastbay. My son has been in the program for 2 years, he started off at 4 years old. Child has to be 4 years and 9 months up to 6th grade. I am sorry that I don't have the business number on me but you can call the operator and they can give you the number. Good Luck. Cindy