Thanksgiving/Winter break camps for young kids

We're located in Montclair and we're looking for options (camps/etc) for our two kids, ages 2.5 and 5, for Thanksgiving and Winter breaks. Their schools are closed but us parents still need to work. Any options? TIA!

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For your older child, Head over Heels gymnastics camp in Emeryville might be a good option! My 4 year old son did a summer camp there and loved it and he’ll be going back for their winter break camp. Unfortunately I don’t think they have camps for 2 year olds though.

We live in Montclair and in the past put our kid in Piedmont Rec Department, Trackers, Mocha and Monkey Business (at Berkwood Hedge School in Berkeley).  Monkey Business was terrific and worth the drive.  Piedmont was pretty close to home and offer camps during Thanksgiving and Winter break.  Trackers is far but all outside and my kid loved it.  Pretty sure these camps don't take 2 year olds :/