Singing class for 5th grader w average voice

Hi all - my 11 year old son loves to sing. However, his voice is just average and he probably won't get into a singing program for kids with talent in this area. He just adores music and loves to sing, and doesn't get a ton of opportunity at his school. We'd really like to encourage this interest because we believe singing is a skill that can be learned, but searching all over I'm having a tough time finding a program that sounds right. I should add that he took "chorus" for a few weeks at one point and just hated it, because they sang scales and not songs. TIA ...

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I recommend Pacific Boychoir Academy, their afterschool program.  Nobody's voice is "average" when it comes to choir.  My son's voice was called "amazing" by the director of that program, but then my son was most happy when he was able to truly "blend" with other boys who were singing the same part with him.  That's what makes singing in a choir one, the experience of singing together.  

Try it out, I think your son will like it!  Mine graduated from PBA's day program, and is now at the Oakland School for the Arts, in their vocal program.

Hope you and your son find something he enjoys!

Check out the Oakland Youth Chorus-

My daughter has been going for years and loves it. The songs are really fun, they get to perform at least twice a year, plus they incorporate music education as well.

Not positive he is accepting more students at this time, but Alex Taite is a great young music teacher who teaches both voice and piano. Call 510 504 9409.

Pacific Boychoir Academy has after-school choirs for many levels and abilities. They definitely sing songs and have lots of fun at the same time... Your son's loving to sing (plus an average ability to hear pitch and rhythm) will be perfect for this program and vice versa!