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Diversity. Harmony. Community.

The Oakland Youth Chorus provides 2-12 after-school music programs and community choral music education and performance ensembles, focused upon multicultural respect and building friendships and community among diverse children and youth.

For more than 45 years, we've encouraged young people to find their voices and helped amplify them to create a better world. From Mozart to Motown, South African freedom songs to original commissioned works, Mexican lullabies to Filippino folk songs - we sing it together in harmony.

OYC offers:

  • Award winning choral training
  • Family friendly culture
  • Inspiring Community Performances for all program levels
  • Focus on diversity and inclusion.

Reach out to sing with us or to inquire how to bring OYC to your after-school program today.

Parent Reviews

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RE: Singing for 7 year old girl ()

Check out Oakland Youth Chorus. It's a great organization.

Check out the Oakland Youth Chorus- http://oaklandyouthchorus.org

My daughter has been going for years and loves it. The songs are really fun, they get to perform at least twice a year, plus they incorporate music education as well.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Jan 2005

RE: Alternatives for 5-year-old boy

I don't know if you're in Oakland or not, but if your child will be starting Kindergarten in one of several Oakland schools, we've been enjoying the Oakland Youth Chorus. They practice once a week after school and have two bigger concerts a year, and our just finishing Kindergarteners love it! http://www.oaklandyouthchorus.org/ Mike

Nov 2000

Concerning parent who is looking for a chorus for their 15 year old. There is a pretty fine chorus, the Oakland Youth Chorus which is for children 13-21. They include children at several levels. I attended programs for several years when my friend's child sang, and I was very impressed with the director. They sang a wide variety of music from many traditions. Miriam

July 1999

The Oakland Youth Chorus is a wonderful choral group for teens (14-20 year olds). It is coed, diverse, and has different levels for beginners to advance singers. A few years ago they performed at the White House, and they do local gigs. The music director is Trent Morant who is quite a character and the people adore him. My daughter joined this year and loves it. If you think your teen may be interested, call OYC at 287-9700 to get more information and to set up an appointment for an audition.