Piedmont Children's Choir vs Oakland Youth Chorus

What are the main differences between the Piedmont Children's Choir and the Oakland Youth Chorus? I am looking at both of them for my kids and want to learn more about them to see which would be the best fit. Thanks. 

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I would recommend the San Francisco Girls Chorus!

They are the premier group for girls and young women in the Bay Area.  My three daughters all attended in elementary and high school, and they went on to shine in college in a capella and other groups (and probably got in to college in part because of their musical abilities from the chorus).

The Chorus really reaches out to promote a diversity of choristers across the Bay Area - and was such a wonderful friend group for our children beyond their school.  The chorus also partners with the San Francisco Opera (which is how the San Francisco Girls Chorus started, looking for musically talented girls for child roles in the opera), the San Francisco Symphony… they sang at Obama’s inauguration!

It has been a wonderful treasured experience for our family.  

My daughter had a great experience with OYC.  I was looking for diversity, and OYC was excellent in that regard!