Seeking "drop-off" class for 2.5 year old!

Hey Parents,

Seeking a weekday "Drop off" class for our 2.5 year old. She will be starting preschool this fall & we have yet to "drop off" anywhere! 

Thank you! 

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I don't know of any classes that are drop-off before age three at the earliest, unfortunately. Is this just to practice for preschool? I wouldn't worry too much about it if that's the case--preschools are pros at helping kids transition even if they don't have any experience with being left by their parents. Maybe try a drop-off playdate with a friend?

In Lafayette there’s at the community center. You can use4/day, 12 hours/week, pack no nut lunch/snack/drink. They change diapers. $12 or $13/hr. It’s on their website. Easy to schedule and use. I live near that area and not in Berkeley/Oakland so don’t have any recs there. 

The first drop off situation I did with my daughter before she started preschool last fall was at Habitot - they do a once a month parents night out on the fourth Friday of the month, for ages 2 and up. If you're open to an evening drop off situation, Habitot has worked out very well for us, my tentative child loved it at 2 1/2.

Tots Around Town through the City of Berkeley.