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Dance classes for 6.5 yo

Jan 2012

My daughter is 6 1/2 yo first grader who loves to dance. She has taken creative movement, pre-ballet and gymnastics dance classes at Kids and Dance (Laurel Dist. Oakland) for 4 years. After a break of four months, she is asking to start classes again. I am looking towards the next level of class that will offer more rigor in terms technique and studio discipline. I am looking for a dance school/company that she can grow into over the next several years. Things that are important are: Ability to nurture the fun and creativity of dance for young dancers while developing their discipline; performance opportunities for lower level students; emphasis on ballet as providing an essential grammar and technique; opportunities for instruction in a diversity of styles and techniques; and ability to prepare highly motivated students for advanced level classes and/or pre-professional and professional training (her aunt had a successful career as a professional ballet and modern dancer, and my daughter us ''interested,'' insofar as a first grader can be, in being a dancer when she grows up). We live in the East Bay, she attends school in San Francisco. We are open to considering studios Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, or Emeryville for weekend classes; and in San Francisco after 4pm on Tuesdays though Fridays. I have read the posted reviews, and am seeking updates. What worked for your family's aspiring dancer, what did not, and why and how? Thanks in advance. SD

Look into Danspace in Rockridge. anon

I know you didn't specify El Cerrito in your post, but my kids have danced at Katie's Dance Studio on San Pablo Ave. for 6 years, since they were 6 and 4. We've taken ballet, tap & jazz, hip hop and acrobatics. They like it very much, and the teachers are great. Strict, as well as fun. There's an annual recital where the kids can perform a routine they have learned between September and June. Dance mom

Looking for Movement/Modern Dance for 6 yr old

Nov 2011

My daughter really loved the movement class she had at school last year, taught by an Alexander teacher, who is no longer with the school. I really would like her to find her a dance class that's Martha-Graham, free movement oriented, rather than one that teaches a particular form. She loves dancing around the house, making up her own dances, I imagine that someone where out there is a teacher in Oakland or Berkeley who tells kids to ''dance like snowflakes'', or ''be a tree'' Anyone got something they like that fits the bill? Searching Mama

Check out Kids N Dance. Their dance classes are based on imagination and storytelling through movement Dance skills are taught but children don't realize it because they are caught up in the fantasy world created in the class. Anon

Kids dance in LaMOrinda or WC??

Oct 2010

Hi BPN; Looking for a good dance class in LaMOrinda or WC - not 'good' as in politically good and 'the' place to be, but 'good' as in building a solid dance foundation. Want tap, ballet, and general dance 'stuff' - not so much modern dance, as my girls are 6, 4.5 and 3 and some of that is a little uh, provocative, for this age - just my opinion. We have been LOVING Riverdance, so I think tap and ballet are a good place to start. Just want something that interests them and is great exercise, individual rather than team at this point, discipline, etc......but do not know where to start. I am not looking for a place that is concerned about the leotards and tutus......I want to build some skills and foundation. Please advise and thank you. DiscoMama

I strongly recommend ACE Dance in Walnut Creek. My daughter has danced with one of the founders for several years. She has fun in class and has really learned the fundamentals. Coleen

Kids 'N Dance in Lafayette sounds like what you are looking for. They are not formal - don't require uniform dance wear, and they certainly are as far away as you can get from glitzy 'provocative' competitive dance. Young kids are taught basics using creative imagery and they do costumed story dances every week. Older dancers get more formalized instruction but never high pressure. My daughter has been with them for years and I have seen kids come in from more 'serious' studios (required to attend 2-3 times per week) and they have little to show for it compared to the regulars at Kids 'N Dance. Add the fact that they have totally enthusiastic teachers and you have to look no further. aon

Fun Dance Class in North East Bay

Sept 2008

I saw there are some recommendations for wonderful dance instructors for young children in Berkeley and Oakland. We live in Fairfield, so getting to Berkeley and Oakland is a little too time-consuming on a weekday. Does anyone know of a fun dance instructor in Pleasant Hill, Concord, Walnut Creek or anywhere else in that area? If it helps, I have a 6 year old daughter and a 4 year old son who wanna dance! TIA! Michelle

Hi- I used to live in Green Valley until recently so I know your driving pain. Even when I lived in Fairfield I still drove to Pleasant Hill to dance with Funkmode. They have adult hip hop one night a week and also Saturday mornings. They also have kid classes. The instructors, Mighty and Cara, rock. Bust a Move!

Dance Birthday Party for 5-year-old

Sept 2008

Our son turns 5 in December and we are looking for a place to have a ''Dancing with Dinosaurs'' birthday party. he really likes hip hop dance but any kind of dancing will do. the place needs to accommodate 60 people(20 or so kids), let us bring food and be FUN! anyone have any idea please shoot me an email thanks!

Check out Kids N Dance in Oakland or Lafayette ( -- I've been to a couple parties there and the instructors are great at working a theme/story (we went to princesses and dragons, but maybe they can do dinos) into dance and getting the kids involved. You can bring food, too. Sounds Like Fun

2004 - 2007 Recommendations

Dance and Singing Classes for 2nd Grader

July 2007

I am looking for dance (type is flexible) or singing classes for my entering 2nd grade daughter. She is talented in both activities and we are wanting some afternoon classes for her to enjoy. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thank-you. Lisa

Kids 'N Dance in the Laurel District has a variety of dance classes and they have fabulous musical theater classes. We went to a recent production of ''Grease'' with kids from 6-11 years old. The script was appropriately modified and the kids pulled off a totally entertaining show. Worth checking out. They have a anon

Class for 5-year-old in Lamorinda

Sept 2004

I'd appreciate recommendations for a dance class in the Lamorinda area (or Walnut Creek) on Saturdays or Sundays for my 5 year old daughter. We know about Kids-N-Dance in Lafayette, and we'd love names of some additional places to try. Thanks! Maryanne

Lamorinda Ballet Center (LBC) in Moraga at the Rheem Shopping Center has Saturday morning ballet classes. Their number is (925) 376-0661-Lynne is the owner. It's next to the Child Day School. The Rheem Shoppping Center is at the intersection of Moraga Road and Rheem Blvd and it's a nice place to hang out while you wait-there's a Starbucks, TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning, benches, etc. dancemom

2003 & Earlier


Classes for 11-year-old




26 Apr 96

RE; Tall, 11 yr old daughter: She's definitely not too tall or too old. SHe may be around some 8 yr old beginners, but she'll learn fast. And that's better than being around other 11 yr old children who've been practicing for 3 years. So the rough part, subjectively, will be being tall. But if you tell her that good posture means being as tall as possible for everyone, then she may feel positive.

26 Apr 1996

Re: the dance inquiry for an 11-year-old: it's definitely not too late to start! Once again, I recommend observing a class at the school you're interested in to get a feel for the teacher and the atmosphere. The dance studio I mentioned before, Luna, serves a diverse population of kids and adults and the owner, Patricia Reedy, believes very strongly in life-long dancing (any age, any body type).

Other Classes

There is a creative movement class at the Albany Y for children who are between 3 and 6. They wear leotards, or leotards with tutus attached (it seemed that the outfit was an essential part of your daughter's consideration.)It is on Tuesday afternoon. The teacher is dynamic, and the movement/dance seems very age appropriate. If the time and/or place aren't convenient for you, maybe the teacher, Katherine, teaches at other sites. C.D.

I've also heard good things about Little Dancing Feet for 2-4 year olds offered by the University Village Recreation Department in Albany Village. Call 524-4926 for specifics.

another more expensive option is the dance class offered for kids at Studio J in Berkeley on 8th Street near Parker. The adult jazz classes are terrific and have heard the class that's appropriate for 2 1/2 and up is a lot of fun. It's pricier though--it may be as much as $10-15/class. (Studio J is now The Beat )

For all of you looking for dance-type classes, we did Windmill Gymnastics in Richmond for a few years (my daughter was not interested in dance) and that seemed another good way to work toward style and grace in movement. Also, I don't know if she is still there but they had an instructor, Maureen, who has her own dance classes in the area and I'll bet they are really good. Maureen did all the choreography for the gymnasts and it was well done.

El Cerrito Community Center

From: Rose (9/97)

Check out the El Cerrito Community Center. Rosalyn Jordan teaches ballet and tap in the afternoons. Classes are open to residents and non-residents and tend to be small. Also Katie's Dance Studio on San Pablo Ave. in El Cerrito has combination jazz, tap and tumbling classes for 3 1/2 - 6 yr. olds on Monday nights and Wednesday afternoons. Call them at 524-1310 to get a current class schedule. Their classes tend to be larger, especially the Saturday ones, which tend to be too large.