Dance class for almost 5 year old (not ballet)

we are looking for a fun dance class for our daughter that will be 5 in March.  Although she loved the idea of ballet she really wants to hop, move and groove!  Looking in the north Oakland or Berkeley areas.  Thanks!  

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Teddy bear hip hop at Destiny arts. Amazing nonprofit. Great classes

Kids n' Dance in the Laurel District in Oakland is worth the drive. They have all kinds of different dance classes for all ages. It is fun and non competitive. They also have an excellent musical theater program. Also check out Shawl Anderson in Berkeley.

my girls have been doing modern at shawl anderson which is right on college near the big safeway. the modern teachers for young children are fantastic and understand the kids need to move and be creative. they also do a hip hop class for young kids, although i have found most kids are not quite coordinated enough until age 5. 

good luck!

There are lots of classes for 4/5 year olds at Van der Zwann dance studio on Shattuck between Vine and Cedar. Very nice studio! 

My daughter really enjoyed dance classes at Shawl-Anderson on Alcatraz just above College Ave.  It was modern, I guess, but appropriate for little girls (she was 6-7 when she went there).  Lots of movement, lots of fun.