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In very north Oakland you will find Destiny Arts, which is a wonderful dance studio for kids' hip-hop classes. It's a warm and welcoming community and it's not just about the dancing, but also social justice and peace. My daughter has been taking classes there for two years and we love it.

They have a “Teddy Bear” dance class for 3-5 year olds!

Destiny Arts Center! 

Teddy bear hip hop at Destiny arts. Amazing nonprofit. Great classes

I think Destiny Arts is a wonderful organization and they are in very north Oakland so not too far at all from Berkeley. My 8-year-old has been taking hip-hop there since September, twice a week.  The teachers and staff are wonderful, warm and diverse.  They had a performance in December which was a terrific celebration of community and the only "costume" required was the Destiny t-shirt (and even that is not a dealbreaker).  There might be another performance in spring, but I'm not sure. They do a lot of work in various afterschool programs as well. I think they are so wonderful that if I won the lottery I would write them a gigantic check.

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March 2008

Anyone have recent experience with the kids martial arts classes at Destiny Arts? All the posts are from 2002 or earlier. Thanks. RC

Destiny Arts Center is fantastic. My daughter's been going there for 7 years. She's done more dance than martial arts but their martial arts program is excellent. The youth get the skills, but also the support of an incredible community whose focus is on non-violence and empowerment for youth. I can't say enough positive things about Destiny. Helen

Re: Fun martial arts class for a 4-year-old (Oct 2002)
I highly recommend Destiny Arts Center on San Pablo Avenue. My four year old daughter is having a great time in the Teddy Bears class. They practice basics like Horse and Forward stances with punches and kicks; rules of self defense; safety practices like stop drop and roll; and respecting personal boundries. The best part of each class for my daughter is practicing calming down. Sensei leads the kids in really rambuncious games like tag and the class is really fun for me and little sister to watch. I wish I'd had Teddy Bears and I think most kids would benefit from going. I've been to several performances by the older Destiny Arts students and they blew my socks off! The kids Write, Act, Dance Hip Hop, Demonstrate Kung Fu ... If you're still unsure, feel free to contact me directly. Or go to Sienna

Re: Dance class for 16-year-old novice (Aug 2002)
I highly recommend the dance program at Destiny Arts in North Oakland on San Pablo Ave. My daughter and two friends took dance there and loved it. It is body positive and very culturally diverse. I suggest your daughter sit in on a class or two to see if she likes it. Here's their website: Good luck! Holliday

Sept 2001

Destiny Arts Center is on the boderline of Berkeley and Oakland. You can visit their website at They are a wonderful center that started out with martial arts and has expanded to include youth leadership, outreach program, dance performance and social activism. They practice the martial art of Kajukenbo, an electic discipline that combines karate, jujitsu, kenpo and Chinese boxing. It is worth visiting when considering placement of your child into a martials arts program. The school was established by Sigung Coleen Gragen, who also established one of the largest women-led martial arts school in the West Coast. Destiny Arts Center is located at 5688 San Pablo, Oakland, California 94608. Phone: (510) 597-1619 Shirley


I highly recommend Destiny Arts Center on San Pablo Av in Oakland near the Golden Gate branch of the Oakland Public Library. Address: 5688 San Pablo Av. phone: 510 597-1619. My daughter enjoyed the program immensely until she left the area. She still has friends at Berkeley High who attend classes there and have for the past 3 years. Holliday

My child goes to Destiny Arts on San Pablo, which offers classes MW 4:30 - 5:30 which I think are Hip-Hop, not that I'd know. Also, there is a dance studio on 8th Street (used to be Studio J (I think) that offers classes. Toby

I highly recommend Destiny Arts Center at 5688 San Pablo Ave. in Oakland. My son and daughter take classes there and just love it. The classes are really fun and do teach real dance. The instructors are very good and truly enjoy working with the children. All kinds of kids participate - everyone is welcome, no matter what your family looks like, what your back ground is, or what type of body you have. It feels like a big family, and the students are all welcoming and respectful of one other. They offer several classes for teens. Call 597-1619 for more information. Carla