Martial arts studio that empowers young girls?

My kindergarten daughter is interested in doing martial arts but is intimidated by rambunctious older boys and wants to train with girls her age. Any recs for a martial arts studio that is girl-heavy and/or has an instructor who is really good at helping girls become more assertive? Ideally looking for a class in the Alameda/Oakland area  

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Destiny Arts Center! 

Bay Area Jiu Jitsu at 2529 Telegraph avenue, Berkeley (almost Oakland) is a great place for very young shy kids to initiate their training in martial arts. They introduce the techniques in a fun way without pressure of traditional formalities. They accord the respect the sport deserves and set expectations but do it with gentle compassion and in a friendly manner. The institute students are among top winners in competitions. My son was a shy 4 year child and cried while trying out at another jiu jitsu place but he was totally at ease here and has kept up for 1.5 years now. In my observation, they encourage and engage every child. I think they also have discounted trial period. Good luck!